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Title: Scouting and Free Agency Mechanics
Post by: Talon on October 17, 2014, 12:19:00 PM
Scouting and Free Agency will be completely revamped for the HIFL, here is how things will work and play out...
Title: Re: Scouting and Free Agency Mechanics
Post by: Talon on October 23, 2014, 01:57:00 PM
All Coaches contracts, PR for player/team/coach, Scouting, Retire a jersey etc. comes out of your PR Budget, a budget you will set each season out of your revenue/profits from the season before.  As you are aware from time to time the owners will expect you to spend PR on stuff THEY want for the team.

If you fire a coach or release a player you are obligated to pay out 50% of their contract for the remaining years you originally agreed. If a Coach walks out on you, you are given back their salary for the season provided they walk out during the season.
Title: Re: Scouting and Free Agency Mechanics
Post by: Talon on December 16, 2017, 11:28:18 AM
Please familiarize yourself with the costs of scouting effective Season 10.

Rookie Scouting

500K - Film Study (Coaches' opinion on players ability based on what he sees on the tape) [Available after the Impact Bowl to start of Combine]

750K - Scouting Trip (Coaches' opinion on the player/fit with team's style of play + Second Hand information on Personality from players college Coaches) [Only Available starting during the regular season]

2MM - Combine Trip (Choose 3 player positions, coaches will give personal opinion on top 5 players at that position with additional information.) [Only Available during Scouting Combine]

2MM - Additional Combine (Choose 1 extra position for combine reports, max of 3 additional positions at 2MM per position)

500K - Head Coach Interview (Your COACH interviews the player in private and gives you a report on Personality info, must be players scouted via film, visit, or combine top 5) [Only available during The Scouting Combine]

500K - General Manager Interview (YOU do an Interview via PM with visiting rookie) (limit 5 players per off season) [Only Available for players who have already been interviewed by Head Coach, and only during off season after combine]


100K - Player Stat Scout (used for free agents and/or other teams players to get a quick report on their total stats from the past season and/or any other information that they feel like providing you at that time.)