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Post by: Talon on May 30, 2013, 03:42:07 PM
Here are some basic and easy rules to remember for Mafia in CRW

1) Any Game Moderated by a first time Mod, needs a Co-Mod to work with them and also help with vote counts and closing lynches. MANDATORY!
A Game abandoned or left without a moderator update after 48 hrs (past deadline) will be ended and a new game will begin, with the mod being banned from starting a new game for at least 5 games.

2) Day 1 will have a cap of 4 days of real time activity before ending (or Mods discretion if less), each night phase will last maximum 48 hours of real time, each normal day after day 1 has a maximum of three days of real time activity.
Smaller games are encouraged to have a short deadline so that games do not stall.

3) If you have been in the game and eliminated you cannot join the replacements list. No Exceptions

4) Roleclaims are allowed in any game with a license. People won't be modkilled because of claiming the role. It is discouraged however.
Mod has the right to remove this rule from their game and ban role claiming.

5) Each mafia member will be allocated a safe claim to counter this and be allowed to use it when they feel the need. The reason for this is to hopefully deter people from actually just spending every game roleclaiming. The moderator is therefore required to plan sensible and thought out counter claim for the non town roles. OPTIONAL

6) Character claims are not allowed in themed games. We, like many other sites has a strong tie with introducing themes into their games. While there is no objection to talking about the game, saying things like I am Chunk from the Goonies will not be allowed. Its mafia at its base of this game and nothing else. Character claiming will result in a mod kill. Same for character hinting. OPTIONAL

7)  Repeat offenders of not speaking/participating and signing up to games without participation will be monitored with action taken if necessary.

8 ) 3rd party roles will show up as inconclusive on investigation.

Red we always know to be mafia
Green we always know to be town
Purple we should be using as third party groups ala cults
Orange - Singular objective motivations not associated with either a town or scum. IE a serial killer or a jester.
Blue - Second mafia if required

These rules have been adapted and evolved from our friends at The Experts/EFK

MODS: SEND ME A PM AFTER YOUR GAME WITH THE WINNERS, LOSERS, MVP, and Points to make the mafia table easier for me to update. This is not an "optional"
Post by: Talon on May 30, 2013, 03:43:52 PM
Suggested Guidelines for Moderating a Game at CRW

1. Have a co-mod.  It is not required due to our small player pool, but if you would like to approach one of the first players to die in the game and ask them to be your co-mod, that is acceptable by me, as long as you trust they won't cheat.

2. Dead QT. Having a QT for all the dead players is a fun way for the dead to continue to stay involved with the game.  Debate who is or isn't scum, who's making good or bad play, and what you think so far.

3. Player List (day 0 post) This gives a quick and easy reference to who is and isn't still alive.  Helps players remember who's being inactive so they don't coast to the finish without being very involved, and gives a quick reference to what roles are already revealed/dead.

4. Post Game Fallout Thread Obviously this is where the discussion occurs after the end game is reached.  I will lock the game thread upon completion, so this is where you post the full role list, any moderator notes (it is sometimes cool to see a mod QT, where you just post your thoughts on the game and whats happening) and also where you either name MVP(s) OR let the people vote on an MVP.  This is just as important to the game as the game itself, because this is where we can laugh and facepalm at what happened throughout the course of the game, read through any QT's that were out there, and get involved.

5. Finalize an MVP and game winners so I can update the mafia table.
This is so I can keep track of who has how many points.  You can either PM this to me, or post it in the fall out thread.  Just a list of everyone in the game, and how many points they earned. (3 for sole survivor, 2 for surviving with others, 1 for winning but being dead, 2 for MVP)

6. To help keep tabs on your game and your thoughts, try doing a Mod QT. Post it in the fallout thread with the other game QT's
Post by: Talon on May 30, 2013, 03:44:48 PM
Also from EFK, some helpful sites to give you some info on how to play the game. ( ( ( (