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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:07:53 PM »
Sounds good then Coach. Letís take care of business.

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: August 10, 2018, 09:12:46 PM »
Damn right Coach Ron Jackson LETS WIN SOME GAMES!!!

Lincoln is going see a whole new Portland take the field against them.

Now outside of Timothy Dekker is their anyone down in Eugene worthy of garnering some major league snaps and help us win some of those games?  Or is it better leaving the club as is?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: August 10, 2018, 04:28:55 PM »
Mr. Coach Ron Jackson no doubt about it.

I apologize sincerely for the disrespect I showed and thank you for coming back to the team.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:04:35 PM »
I don't know if it made a difference one way or the other but I wanted to make it clear that in Portland when you make mistakes you take ownership of them.  I wanted to set the precedent that the team comes first before anyone and that's a message I think the coaching staff can get behind. As far as the team I think players for the most part have a negative view of their GM's.  Too many GM's are bragadocious and very me oriented.  I wanted to let the players know this General Manager is not like that.

So my hope is that it was beneficial but that will remain to be seen as I haven't spoken with the staff or the players.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:57:20 AM »
S10 WEEK 12 / 13

1. Talk us through your Week 12 Game, What did you like, what didn't you like?
- I liked that this team competed despite the turmoil that has happened in the executive offices.  This is a direct credit to the veterans on this roster who held this expansion team together.  We played a very close game never letting Charlotte get too commanding of a lead and in the end with 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter we left ourselves one possession away from tying the game.  The credit should also go to the coaching staff that did perform their duties in this time of turmoil.  A special congratulations to WR Dee Rutherford who not too long ago I called out in this media that he had to do more.  Dee Rutherford has done more and has been doing more.  His humility at not correcting his rookie GM is only a testament to his character and definitely something I can learn and absorb into my own duties. 

2. What did you think of the All-Star skills challenges? 
- Timothy Dekker certainly impressed his skills upon the rest of the league.  He might not have won against Alabama QB Jamie Ortega but he certainly raised some eyebrows and opened some eyes.  Now I want to put to rest any thoughts about calling up Timothy Dekker because that just isn't in the cards.  Timothy is still recovering from an injury that some might not have returned from. It's important these things be allowed to take their time because the rigors of a skill challenge pale in comparison to the rigors and challenge of a full football season. 

-But while some of these competitors took the competition seriously some of them took them over the edge.  They turned an exhibition that was meant to be a great marketing tool for the league into something some of us would want to shy away from.  I know things get said on a football field in the heat of battle but it is difficult to see some of the actions of players as pure personal.

3. What did you think of the All-Star Game itself?
- The game had everything!  Offensive plays - defensive plays - overtime - i mean what a finish!  It's sometimes difficult to see just how effective these all star linemen are because their production doesn't always show up in the box score but to me it was riveting watching the men on both sides of the line battle it out for all four quarters.

4. With the Minor League Call Up Window here once again, do you plan on calling up any players?
- Outside of Timothy Dekker we are open to watching players compete on the main roster if the coaching staff determines it so.  We're not eliminated for the playoffs and we are going to compete every day to win but we are also evaluating talent for future seasons.

5. Talk about your game this upcoming week, and how do you feel about the final five games of the regular season?
- I join the team on the road against Lincoln that is dealing with it's team turmoil though there's is squarely located on the disabled list.  I hope the coaching staff can come together and enhance the leadership that already exists on the roster.  We always knew there would be growing pains on this roster but now we know I too would have growing pains.  I have faith in these players and coaching staff that we can push everything behind us and work on playing Brewer football.  Limit turnovers. Control the clock. Pound the football. Catch secondaries cheating in and making them pay for it.

Now I know when I exited my last press conference a lot of questions went unanswered so if anyone would like I give you the floor at this time to ask them again.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 30, 2018, 06:56:14 PM »
S10 WEEK 11

First before we begin and ask any questions I would like to make a statement to my owner, the team, and to the media.

I want to address the situation that lead to the absence of Head Coach Ron Jackson from our game. What was described as a "blow up" was anything but.  What occurred was a total lack of respect from myself to the Head Coach of this organization. 

The Head Coach and I had a wonderful conversation that we left amicably until I asked the Head Coach to return.  Now a simple request like that may seem like nothing but I could clearly tell Coach was aggravated. What made it worse was I didn't mean to even call him back in I had wanted to speak with Coach Dan Rhodes but repeated his name.  Hoppy my assistant doing her job got Coach Jackson to return to my office.

Once I realized my error I was apologetic and wanted to Hoppy to escort the Coach back to the field.  But as if one error wasn't enough I doubled down.  I referred to the coach by a completely different name. No matter how innocent the mistakes were they were disrespectful to a man that had given his career to football and agreed to build this franchise with me.

Therefore, effective immediately - I am suspending myself one week without pay as my actions were detrimental to the Head Coach and especially to the team.  My only hope is that this sets the precedent for how we do things in Portland.  We own our mistakes and when they damage the team and the franchise we take our punishment accordingly.  Now I will answer your question.

1. Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?

Without our head coach around we weren't able to make the second half adjustments we needed to.  That 3rd quarter made all the difference and while we may have won time of possession and made impactful plays it never resulted in the score we needed and Atlanta's defense held up.

2. Talk about any news your team is involved in this week, as well as what other news stories stood out to you this week?

I think my comments have been very clear about this. I hope this public apology and suspension is the first building block to us bridging the gap between General Manager and Head Coach.

3. Talk about your game this upcoming week, what do you need to focus on most?

The team and coaching staff will hit the road and go to Charlotte. I will remain behind here in Portland.  I trust our staff and our players to represent the Brewers well across the nation as we take on a current playoff team if the season ended today.  Mathematically we are not eliminated and only stand two games behind the opportunity to taste playoff glory.  Our true test will be competing against teams who will also be making that same pursuit.

Are there any further questions? 

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 28, 2018, 06:03:05 PM »
Hoppy this cannot be good. I need you to inform Coach Dan Rhodes of what has happened and hope Coach Ron Jackson comes back.

May god have mercy on my soul.

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:34:50 PM »
OMG I AM SO SORRY. Please donít blame Hoppy for this. Itís my fault. I said Coach Ron again when I meant Coach Dan. God Coach I feel awful. Coach Ron if itís okay allow Me to have Hoppy escort you back to the field. Hoppy while your accompanying Coach Aaron can you find Coach Dan and let him know I want to talk to him.

Sorry again Coach Ron.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:16:06 PM »
What kind of skills you think they lack. Sorry Coach Ron. Misspoke their.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:15:13 PM »
Ainít that the truth. Well thanks Coach Ron. Iíll let you get back to planning for Atlanta.

Hoppy can you call in Coach Ron?

Coach Ron weíre almost about the halfway mark of the season. Iím not looking for a full evaluation especially with only so many games in the books. Just wanted to get your thoughts on our Running Backs and what kind of skills you like or what kind of skills you lack.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 27, 2018, 08:56:08 PM »
I figured Steven would want the break but thanks for letting me know itís just a suggestion. I donít know why I thought it would be a given but of course eveyone canít rep for their team. Especially with some GMs thinking their team is full of all stars already am I right?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 27, 2018, 08:26:52 PM »
Itís easy to do when itís the truth - and taking a shot to Seattle is always a good thing. I like how the team played against Tombstone. I donít see a reason we canít continue against Atlanta.

I wanted to ask you though if any players have said anything you about either wanting to go or skipping the all star festivities. Got to bring up a couple names but donít want to pick someone looking to take a breather.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 27, 2018, 12:47:15 PM »
S10 WEEK 10

1. Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?
Well first and foremost it feels good to be back in the win column.  Secondly a round of applause for our defense for only giving up 3 points. Thatís definitely our best result as a defense when it comes to limiting the offense.  If it wasnít for that DTD Tombstone wouldnít have made it to double digits.
Iíd still like to raise our third down conversation rate because the type of offense we want to run the longer we can hold on to the ball the more we can grind down defenses.  This week despite the third down conversation rate we managed to have an 8 minute advantage when it came to time of possession.

2. With the All-Star Rosters being announced this week, what is your take on the composition, any snubs or surprises from your own team?  (for Kirk/Jon, talk about the opposing roster, for everyone else, comments and talk about who you felt deserved to go on your squad etc)
First, congratulations to our T Daniel Ford for being the only selection on the roster.  I know I can be proud of Daniel being on the team. Why you ask? Daniel actually deserves to be on it and isnít a pity pick mandated by every team being represented.  As for my opinion on snubs, I think our first scoring drive speaks to that.  Look I understand that when you talk about your players being an All-Star snub you have to be ready to take someone off the list.  So when I tell you WR Lawrence Gordon should have been on the team Ė Iím telling you the media that WR Darren Pierce didnít deserve to be on the team.  It was nepotism that got him selected to the All Star Game. That or GM Jon is trying to keep a diva player under control by placating him with a gift Ė sort of like a trophy wife.  Long as she has the black American express she wonít bother too much.  Understand? Thatís not what we aim to do here in Portland. 

3. What news stories stood out to you this week?
I think Portland Brewers fans and anyone who has been paying attention to our facebook page is going to be excited to see Timothy Dekker during the All Star game festivities.  He might be in the minor league but he is no minor player.  He will be one of a few reps I send to perform in the different activities that will be available.  We spent 4.25 Million just to get a visit with him.  Stay tuned because people are about to see that investment payoff.

4. Talk about your game this upcoming week, what do you need to focus on most?

Well first I hope we get healthier at the safety position.  Second when we host Atlanta the only thing we should be focusing is playing our game.  Control the ball. Pound the defense and when they are exhausted or caught off guard throw it down the field.  If we can impose our will and play Portland football thereís nothing Atlanta can do that has me concerned.  We win and lose based off our own efforts.

Coach I know it seems like forever but we are back in the win column and with a good chance to lay the foundation for a winning streak heading into the All Star break.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 19, 2018, 12:42:19 PM »
Feels good to have you on the roster Jose. Just wanted to say thanks and look forward to more in the second half.

Hoppy Iíve seen who I needed go ahead and let coach know we are all in.

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 19, 2018, 12:45:04 AM »
Keep doing what your doing.

Hoppy can I speak with Jose Seaton

Jose I wanted to thank you for the work youíve done so far this season. 10 TFL is nothing to scoff at.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 18, 2018, 10:20:15 AM »
And at the price we pay him. I can definitely see why you would go Frank. I appreciate the input Coach Ron. Iím going to see a few people.

Hoppy can we speak to Daniel Ford

Daniel just wanted to continue my conversation from the media. Youíve had an impressive season not allowing a sack and being in the top 5 of pancakes. Very impressive.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 17, 2018, 11:20:44 PM »
Born out of a desire to see a more vertical threat. Steven needs help down the field and so does the run game but itís done. Tombstone is on the schedule next. We need a win before we start going the way of Alabama. I donít want a five game losing streak.

Curious though who would you have gone after? Doesnít have to leave the room. Or you can choose not to say anything.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 17, 2018, 09:32:02 PM »
S10 WEEK 9

1. Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?

We had a better performance offensively.  We converted more third downs and threw for more passing yards than last week.  Once again we had a chance in the second half to keep the game close and work towards getting the win.  The team performs well but we just need to find that missing link between making their TD into FG and then into punts.  We ourselves have to work on getting into the end zone.  Converting third downs is a good start.

2. Give us an evaluation of the first half of the season for your team, who has stood out both good and bad?

We started of with a huge win in our second game beating the defending champions and so far our first half of the season hangs on that notion.  We're on a current four game losing streak so the shine on that win has started to fade.  I always want to be seen working for what comes next and what is coming next is Daniel Ford.  Daniel on an expansion team has done his job to perfection because he hasn't allowed a sack in a single game this season.  He's also managed to get himself into the top 5 Tackles in the league.  There was a reason he was our first pick as a franchise. As for he has stood out for not doing well - I'm going to point to WR Dee Rutherford.  I wanted to lean on his veteran experience and felt his teaming with Crawford could be something to build on.  If Dee can play like both he and I expect he can this offense could have a second threat to Lawrence Gordon.

3. With where you sit in the standings, how do you feel about your chances of meeting your owners expectations and how do you grade your performance as GM, what about your job security?

Currently in the standings we sit dead last in our division.  That doesn't make me feel as bad because we are in the northwest the most difficult division in the HIFL.  In the southwest we would be 4th. Oakland might have beat us they know the tough matchup we are.  On to the most important aspect of my job is keeping my owner happy.  He has a specific set of goals for me - some are personal but most are achievable.  We want to win as many games as we lose at home so far that isn't where we are. We need to do better for the Portland man who spends his hard earned money to take the family out for the day.  More wins will always lead to goals being met.  So far with only two wins I'm not even worth the grade.

4. Who is your league-wide Mid-season MVP?  Who has been the most surprising under performer?

In a game this large it's hard to find a true player that can change the game based solely on their own performance.  To me that player is Anthony Smith.  From my time as a fan to now as an owner this man refuses to let his QB get sacked.  He can negate a defense and incentivize an offense all in one. TD and Sacks might get the glory but the real battle is won on the line.

5. Which of your division rivals has surprised you the most? How and Why?

While it pains me to praise them Seattle have done tremendous since GM Jon has come over.  They are on top of the division and have really tried to turn the image around of when they were the Rhinos.  The Lumberjacks have done well so far this season.

6. With the Trade Deadline coming up this week, Do you see yourself as a buyer, a Seller, or do you plan to hold fast with what you have?

I don't subscribe to players nor do I dedicate myself to a certain philosophy. Depending on the player available I could be a buyer. Depending on the offer made I could be a seller.  I just hope other GM's learn to take me seriously and stop asking for players they know they can't get.

7. What is your opinion on the league's newly announced luxury tax rule, do you believe it is fair, and do you believe it will benefit the league?

I enjoy it as a new and building franchise with plenty of cap space.  I'm glad impact bowl wins and franchises wont be born out of a subsidized world.

8. Talk about your game this upcoming week, what do you need to focus on most?

We go on the road to face Tombstone and we need to be able to beat teams like them on the road away from our fans.  It's time to show the rest of the Southwest that the North plays for keeps.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:54:22 PM »
Hopefully itís a long and prosperous career. For the both of us.

Hoppy thatís all for now let coach know weíre good to go for the game

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 09, 2018, 09:52:45 AM »
Anywyas coach thanks for letting me vent to you. Weíre going to get ready for Oakland and take em on.

Hoppy can you ask Lawrence Gordon to meet with me in my office.

Lawrence wanted to say good job and welcome to the league. If it wasnít for some of your performances we might not have the few wins we do have. Just wanted to say I appreciate your effort and skills.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 07, 2018, 02:08:33 PM »
Yeah we did. But like I said to the press the comeback showed grit and we didnít quit. Considering we were going to play them this week I thought about letting an offer I received slip out.

Can you believe GM Justin of Oakland had the nerve to ask if I would trade for Juan Kirk for Christopher Chandler?? I thought about putting his business out there but didnít want to set a precedent and open that can of worms.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: July 07, 2018, 01:26:22 PM »
S10 WEEK 8

1. Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?

We had a reversal of fortune this game. While the result was the same as last week with a loss this time the team opened flat but rallied back to keep it competitive. The defense really stepped up in the second half only allowing 3 points per quarter and the offense kept the pressure on. There are times this season we have been a force to be reckoned with. Our problem is learning how to be consistent both during a game and across multiple opponents.

2. Talk about this weeks league news, what stood out most to you?

Both news stories I want to discuss revolve around the same individual. LaVar Jackson. Other GMís seem to have a strong opinion about him. This week he made two separate announcements. The first is with him being unhappy at the HIFL not inviting his other children to the combine which both as a father and as an agent makes perfect sense. The second news has to do with him wanting to run his own Big Baller Showcase instead which does concern me. In my short time here weíve seen a lot of alternatives to the HIFL show up. My concern with the showcase isnít about finding a way for other players to get showcased but for it to be a way for the XFL the AAF and/or the IFAF to swoop in and steal talent.

3. How did you feel about the first annual HIFL/NCAA Showcase?  Do you feel like it was a beneficial addition to the league?

Itís definitelt what the league needs to be doing to showcase itself as the right path to a career in football. We need to make the pathway to playing in the league easier because if we miss out on talents they will have alternatives. Too much of that and it could be very concerning.

4. What was your take on the amount of GM errors that occurred during the bye-week?

Certainly ones I hope not to commit. Iím new here so I donít need any hits to my reputation before I even get one.

5. Do you plan on making any call ups this week before locking in?

If a player deserves it based on what our scouts and coaches say I wonít be opposed to it out of principle.

6. Talk about your game this upcoming week.

This week we play host to the Silverbacks. Oakland has been involved in a lot of trade rumors concerning the QB they might get but Iím more concerned with the Team they already have. Oakland so far this season has defended better than us and has scored more than us. Weíre really going to need to execute our game plan to make up in those two areas.

And lastly thank you for your patience. I know it took me some time to get to this podium today and I wonít let it become a habit. Unless there are any further questions ... ?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: June 27, 2018, 09:10:09 PM »
Well Iíve managed to get us a movie screening to entertain the boys and catered it to make sure they are well fed. I trust in you coach that given the off week youíll still have em ready for the next game.

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League Office Transactions / Re: HIFL LEAGUE OFFICE III
« on: June 27, 2018, 09:08:44 PM »
Portland Brewers spend 250k to buy out a private screening of the new movie Sicario Day of the Soldado and cater the movie event with food.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: June 24, 2018, 11:47:37 AM »
Excellent. Iím glad we continue to be on the same page. Since you mentioned us being in a rut I was wondering if in previous years you ever did any team building activities off the field?

Perhaps the rookie combine week will be a good time to help the boys out.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: June 20, 2018, 11:46:11 AM »
Yeah I donít like what Iím seeing. Seems like weíre able to rise up to play the big games but are having trouble with sustained effort. Not just for the season but even during a game.

What did you think about what I said in regards to how we scout players? Do you have a difference of opinion?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: June 18, 2018, 06:39:34 PM »
S10 WEEK 6

1. Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?
We started the first half strong even if trading scores with Milwuakee isn't what we wanted to do but we were competing.  The second half did not go as well.  We were completely shut out by their defense and our guys couldn't keep pace.  Milwuakee controlling the time of possession is not what our game plan going in was.  They gained more yards, didn't turn the ball over and were 50% successful on third downs.

2. Talk about this weeks league news, what stood out most to you?

Only one story this week dealt with gross incompetence.  I don't feel fond calling out other GM's but knowing the schedule is the most basic form of competency there can be.  Now I don't know Aaron Kitchen or his personality but I do know what it feels like to be disregarded and then thought of at the last minute.  I hope my players never have to feel that coming from me.

3. What do you make of the news of the newest GM's to join the league? What advice would you give them?

I'm still somewhat new to this myself.  I haven't had to either put myself into a hole or take myself out of one - so the only advice I have to give is avoid the holes.  Avoid the holes the league will create for you and prevent helping them out by making some of your own.

4. With the draft class being announced later this week, do you plan to target personalities, skill sets, or position groups at the college showcase?

As an expansion team were looking for talented players at any position.  But just as important as talent is the right attitude.  I prefer a 5 cent talent with a hundred dollar effort than a hundred dollar talent with 5 cent effort any day.

5. What do you hope to gain most this week during the bye week, for yourself but also for your team?

This weeks allows us to be introspective and give us extra time to prepare against New Jersey. I guess this would relate back to the question about other GM's as well.  In addition to juggling the happiness of three bosses you have to be always be thinking about the present and future at all times.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: June 05, 2018, 11:13:41 AM »
Something to think about possibly adjusting our depth chart in different formations to match opponents based on prior history. For now though weíll move ahead to face Milwaukee

And Coach donít forget a 5% reduction in all situational blitz situations

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: June 04, 2018, 08:04:09 PM »
Iím going to go ahead and downgrade our blitz percentages to what it was before. We got burned by that passing attack - although Milwaukee may not have the generational talent that Seattle does at WR they do have a versatile array of young talent.

Did they move Pierce around and didnít always have our best CB lined up against him? I only ask to know if your preference is to play our defense as is or to lock on CB on one WR and try to take him out the game. For future possible matchups.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: June 02, 2018, 05:12:26 PM »
1. Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?
- It wasnít the result we wanted. We had a very competitive first half where we set our pace but the second half belonged to Seattle. We couldnít contain their passing attack and Darren Pierce had a strong performance against us.

2. Talk to us about your upcoming game this week.  What will be the toughest thing to prepare for this week?
- We now step foot outside our division and into the rest of the league. I am comfortable saying this division is one of the most competitive and has prepared us more than other divisions would. We test that theory against Milwaukee who philosophically we are opposites of. They want to speed the game up and score early and often. We want to slow the pace down and drag the game into the dirt. The team that can impose its will, will find success.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:05:02 PM »
As it should Richard. Good luck to you.

Hoppy can you get these adjustments to Coach Ron

5% increase in all situational blitz situations.

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: April 30, 2018, 03:03:38 PM »
Okay Coach Linden I appreciate your time. I will review these percentages and work up a final game plan for Seattle.

Hoppy can we speak with Richard Welker

Richard Welker thank you for stepping in while Steven was out injured.  How did it feel to get plugged into the game and get a win in your first start?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: April 20, 2018, 11:29:49 AM »
Thank you Coach Linden. Now I remember when I interviewed you before this season kicked off that you wanted speed and explosiveness from the safeties because that was the key to a blitzing attack. 

Is it possible for you to share your percentages of blitz plays come from each positions or at least the type of blitzes?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: April 19, 2018, 07:20:55 PM »
Thanks Coach Ron Iíll get together with the DC and hammer out the details but Iíll make sure to include you in the details before we depart

Hoppy can we call Coach Linden

Coach Linden me and Coach Ron were talking about raising the pressure on Seattle this week force em to win the game by passing the ball. What are our current percentages at for blitzing for the different down and yardage scenarios.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: April 16, 2018, 10:27:08 AM »
I'm of two minds Coach and want to know your preference.  Should we stick to the course and continue with our current gameplan which was been gotten us to 2-2 or do we bring an extra defender and force Seattle to throw?

Which way are you more comfortable?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:52:42 PM »
Nice job getting a decisive win over Kansas City.  Richard Welker did a fine job subbing in for Steven Crawford.  Not bad for a rookie and also gives the team confidence knowing we have some depth at that position.

I'd say I am very happy with where we are 2-2 with wins over Rapid City and Kansas City. 

Seattle's going to be a big deal because we can start to move away from the division pack or get left behind and of course Mr. IPA wants that W against Seattle.

We score about the same amount of points and we give up the same amount of points. How else do we stack up with Seattle?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: April 03, 2018, 12:32:38 PM »
1. Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?
- I was very happy to see Richard Welker step into his first start and get a victory against one of the teams that played in the conference championship last season.  He got off to a hot start and that early lead and we never lost it.  It was great to finally get a win in front of the home crowd.  You know what they say third time is the charm.

2. Which of your division rivals has surprised you the most so far this season?
- I have to say our entire division has been a surprise.  We are all deadlocked at 2-2.  I don't think any expert would have had this division this way after four games this season. For Rapid City and Kansas City 2-2 may seem like  bad start. For ourselves and fellow expansion St. Louis 2-2 isn't so bad. For Lincoln and Seattle they may have expected to be at this point. 

3. With where you sit in the standings, do you feel it is a true reflection of your team? Where do you feel you should stand, and who on your team is most responsible for your current standing?
- I always think the results speak for themselves but that is still relative to who you are. For my team Portland an 8-8 finish wouldn't be the end of the world. In fact being able to say as an expansion that we did not have a losing season is admirable. But to a powerhouse like Rapid City or Alabama or Cleveland an 8-8 finish could mean drastic changes.  Same record, same position in the standings but a completely different reaction.  There are still plenty of more games where this current 2-2 deadlock will get cleared up and the cream always will rise to the top.  As for who is most responsible i point towards the great leaders on this team.  Our Captains are keeping this team on the right path either vocally or by example.  Every game we are ready to play and as a GM that's all I can ask of my players.

4. What has been the biggest challenge for your team so far this season, and who would you say was your teams' most improved?
- The biggest challenge has been finding our own way in this league.  You have some GM's who talk about a new system or new players. We are new everything. This time last year this organization didn't exist so we've got all the on the field problems of making a team work as well as all the franchise problems of marketing a brand new product and getting fans to come out to the game AND root for us.  Coach Jackson has been an excellent leader as well as the rest of the coaching staff. As far as who is the most improved - I would say the most improved for us has been Lawrence Gordon.  It's a big change going from college to the pro's and being lumped right beside a veteran like Dee Rutherford. Lawrence has definitely risen to the task and made himself available in games and has become our leading pass catcher as a rookie.

5. Talk to us about your upcoming game this week.  What will be the toughest thing to prepare for this week?
- We go on the road against Seattle - our true rival to the north. No disrespect to our other division opponents but Mr. IPA made it a point to say we needed to win the games against Seattle so this may be the first game we play with some pressure and expectation.  Seattle plays a game similar to us. They want to run the ball early and often with their two backs, they want to control the clock and they want to limit turnovers. We're going to have to do our best of preventing them from succeeding.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:43:29 PM »
Thank you Iíll get the paperwork in order tell your client heís a Brewer now.

Hoppy Iíve gone ahead and finalized the league paperwork. Let Coach Ron know we want Hudson as QB 3 on the depth chart.

Lock In

League Office Transactions / Re: HIFL LEAGUE OFFICE III
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:42:42 PM »
Portland Brewers sign QB Howard Hudson to 1 year 250k

League Office Transactions / Re: HIFL LEAGUE OFFICE III
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:41:44 PM »
Portland Brewers send LB Vernon Ward down to minor league affiliate Eugene Hipsters

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 28, 2018, 11:22:03 PM »
Thanks for taking it well Vernon.

Hoppy can you call Amber Molina

Amber Iíve opened a roster spot to sign a QB. I noticed your client Howard Hudson hasnít signed on a roster. I want to bring him in for the rest of the year. Is howard interested?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 28, 2018, 12:06:03 AM »
So your solution is a much less confusing way of what I wanted to accomplish. Iíll let Ward know the news and look to sign another QB as a backup in case Crawford canít play and as insurance as a third stringer for us. Thanks coach.

Hoppy can you call Vernon Ward to come to my office

Vernon with the injury to Steven Crawford coach and I feel we need the extra roster spot for a third string QB. We plan on moving you down to the minors where you will get more reps.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 27, 2018, 09:00:24 PM »
If Iím not mistaken coach I could put Tommy Motley on a list that would open a roster spot because of his injury length. Now I would still need to cover his mandatory position but maybe we could move someone to FS easier than having Chandler as a backup QB.

Thatís a lot of moving parts but might be the better option.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 27, 2018, 08:31:29 PM »
well thanks coach. Always feels good to be complimented by those you respect. Kansas City is going to be a tough task. Thereís not much we can change on the field especially cause it seems to be working.

If Crawford canít play itís going to be a big ask of Walker to step. Iím concerned though with possibly only dressing 1 QB. Whose slated to fill in as the backup without any roster moves.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 27, 2018, 03:55:23 PM »
I just want to say before this press conference begins that we have good news regarding the health of Steven Crawford. Steven is currently being listed as doubtful - so that may mean he has to miss a game but certainly not significant time as I first feared.  His presence and veteran leadership has been integral to how well we have played over the past two games. 

Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?

Certainly seeing your starting QB go down with an injury is definitely something that went wrong but how he was playing before that was so right! He completed 84% of his passes in combination with Chandler averaging 5 yards per carry on 22 carries. For those that thought our offensive performance last week was a fluke this showed them we can have repeat performances - and we're only getting better.

How do you feel about the emergence of the Alliance of American Football and the XFL?

Maybe I'm not seeing the same thing other GM's around the league are seeing but this talk about iron sharpening iron or looking at things from that perspective it comes off as arrogant.  Maybe I'm just new to the HIFL that I know what's it like to be without a GM job that I worry so much about keeping it and the league that employs me around.

Talk about something going on around the league this season that has interested you in one way or another.

I found it interesting that certain GM's found themselves getting into spats with essentially a fan of the sport online would be a good move.  If we want our players to portray themselves correctly then so do the GM's.  What Mr. Jackson says or doesn't say is his business and at most the business of GM Strike Guy.  That's it.  Frankly it's why I choose not to involve myself on social media.

Talk to us about your upcoming game this week.  What will be the key to victory?

Still looking for that elusive home win for us.  The fans of Portland deserve to see the team win in front of them and who better to do it against than Kansas City.  They are definitely a formidable team especially with the reigning MVP leading the charge but we feel we can compete with anyone on the field so long as we play our style of football. Control the clock, limit the turnovers, play smart.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 21, 2018, 12:52:03 PM »
You should feel good. It was a hell of a performance.  Thanks again Steven.

Hoppy I think we are ready for our next game

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 20, 2018, 11:58:36 PM »
Of course donít want to run just for running sakes. Congrats again Coach.

Hoppy can we get Steven Crawford to come into my office

Steven what an amazing performance. Thanks for being a leader to this young franchise and helping us get our first win.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:57:34 PM »
I tried my best not losing myself in that press conference but Iím not afraid to admit it here amongst us.


God itís hard to think about Lincoln but we have to. Obviously Crawford passing the ball 51 times isnít sustainable so we might need to tweak the playbook even more to run the ball - or was it just the way the game played out?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:17:55 PM »
1. Talk us through this week's game. What did you like, what do you want to see improved?

Like I said a week ago, games are not played on paper! Call it an upset call it a miracle call it impossible but donít forget to call it a win. The first for this franchise and it came against the two time defending champs. What did I like? All of it. We dominated time of possession. We showed heart getting stops and making plays. What do I want to see improved? I know itís taboo to say this but that was a perfect game. The way coach called it and the way the team executed - perfect.

2. Through two games this season, who's surprising you for the better, and for the worst?

Iím suprised with how well Miami has run the ball specifically McClure. He keeps getting big chunks of yardage. Iíll have to follow GM Gooch approach and point out John Carr. If his own GM is suprised why shouldnít I be?

3. Which one-part of your team do you believe is only going to get better going forward?

You know itís funny that I mentioned the key to be beating Rapid City would be our run game but it was Crawford throwing it 51 times that really helped push us. If we can get Chandler and Lopez averaging and sustaining 4 yards a carry we wonít have to rely on Crawford having to do so much over the whole season.

4. Talk about your news story this week.

Isnít everybody? Whatís left to say but the reporter from bleacher report that wrote that Crawford was over the hill and Rutherford was his retirement home roommate needs to work on his metaphors. I get what he was trying to say but thereís better ways to do that.

5. Talk about at least two other news stories this week.

CTE and concussions is a serious issue for football everywhere. I would hope my players would trust me and the staff to look after them. That kind of trust canít be eroded from management and players.

Certainly what happened to David Nutt is requiring attention. I understand the privacy he may want that may stem from embarrassment but itís important that David Nutt know he can seek help. I certainly did starting this GM job and David Nutt should be able to.

5. Talk to us about your match up this week, how do you build on last weeks success or rebound from defeat (depending on your game's result)

We have to be careful and not end up in a trap game. As great as beating Rapid City was we canít pay ourselves too hard cause here comes Lincoln. They got as much to prove as we do and now that we made our mark in the HIFL people will look to make one on us. Have to retain time of possession and control the ball.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« on: March 13, 2018, 07:23:53 PM »
I hope you realize your hope.

Hoppy letís get ready for Rapid City.

Donít forget to remind coach we want to Increase the Run

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