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Mafia Games / Final Fantasy Mafia - Night Eight
« on: September 18, 2021, 03:12:16 PM »

Let's keep up the string of good, fun play. Hope you enjoy the game.


  • Vote and Unvote in BOLD and on a separate line of text to help the mods when compiling votes for the vote counts. Example:

Your stuff here

Vote: ELI

Oh wait, I'm a flip flopper.


Why don't we just let this day phase go by so the scum can do their thing?

Vote: No-Lynch
  • Don't use secretive code or hidden text to hide cheating in your posts.
  • Don't talk about the game outside of the game other than in a mod-approved Discord channel.
  • If a player reaches the necessary votes to initiate a lynch, that player will be lynched even if someone quickly unvotes.
    • Regardless, until I call for a lynch and tell you you're dead, you can continue to fight and post in the thread.
  • However, once you are dead, you are dead. No more posting, not even a BAH post.
  • Once night phase begins, there will be no talking permitted in the game thread. Any post during this time will be punished.
  • You must PM here on the boards any actions you would like to perform if you have an active ability (unless I give the ok to send it on discord or some other means of communication). If they are sent anywhere else or not sent by deadline, they will not be counted.
    • If you want to choose not to use your ability, PM me that so that we're not waiting the whole night phase.
  • Day phases will last 72 hours.
  • Night phases will last 48 hours.
  • Never quote anything sent to you from me. You may paraphrase if you so chose but just remember there may be in game consequences (like if you're dumb enough to claim lie detector on day 2 like me smh).
  • Flavor is important in this game to an extent. Role claiming and character claiming are not forbidden, but remember that flavor does matter.
  • Be kind to each other. Don't be an jerk. Avoid personal attacks.
  • Be active. I'll prod you if you're not. Punish you if you repeat. Mod-kill if I have to.
    • I've worked hard making this game and I have a co-mod to help if I have questions or concerns or need an opinion on something. So a lot of effort is going into this. So please, be as active as you can. Don't make me have to do this..




Mafia Games / Final Fantasy Mafia Signups
« on: September 14, 2021, 10:45:03 AM »
Since the last game was a bit of a learning experience I've been reading through various games and such to get a better feel for balancing, roles, etc. That said, Final Fantasy is probably my favorite video game series of all time with some of the greatest heroes and villains of the video game universe coming from this set of games (lets not talk about anything in the last 15 years though, ok).

I don't have a definite time frame for starting the game but I've got 14 roles right now so that's what we're shooting for. I can adjust to more or less but 14 would be great. Once we get to that mark (or close to it) i'll set a starting date but I'm hoping for this weekend or maybe Monday, September 20th right now. If signups go quicker, we can start quicker.

1. Franchise
2. Doug
3. Talon
4. Bennett
5. Oldfield
6. Pancho
7. Powers
8. Kirk
9. Josh
10. Lucas
11. Fosters
12. Adam
13. BD

Completed Games / Harry Potter Mafia - MAFIA WIN!
« on: July 26, 2020, 11:26:44 PM »
1. The game will start with Day 1, lasting 120 hours.

2. Regular day phases will last 96 hours.

3. Night phases will last 48 hours.

4. All voting and unvoting should be done in bold on a separate line of text. If it is not on a separate line of text, it may not be counted, and I will not be adjusting the vote count because you forgot to leave it on its own line.

5. Do not use secretive, hidden text or anything like that in your posts.

6. Remember, there is never any speaking about the game outside of the game thread or any assigned faction chats. Donít PM anyone, donít reach out to them on Discord, donít call them on the phone, just donít talk about the game outside of the game. Even after youíre dead.

7. Any factions that exist in the game will be assigned a Discord chat because I havenít used QuickTopics in like five years and it seems outdated. This does not mean that you should use Discord for anything game related outside of this (these) topics. If you need to speak to the mod, reach out to me directly through PM on the boards. Sending me messages on Discord can easily get lost.

8. Once you reach enough votes to be lynched, you will be lynched (unless there is something that can prevent it). The day phase and your life do not end until I make a Hold For Write-Up post, so you can continue talking and doing your thing until that point. No amount of unvoting can save you once majority has been reached, though.

9. Dead means dead, so once you are dead cease speaking in anything related to the game. No more game thread, no more Discord chats, nothing. I do not like bah posts, so donít even make one of those please.

10. During the night phase, you cannot speak in the main game thread. It goes under lockdown and any posting will be punished. If given a Discord chat, you may still speak in that during the night phase, unless told otherwise.

11. Please send any night action you may have in as soon as possible by PMing me on the boards. If you have a night action and donít plan on using it, please let me know that as well in a PM.

12. Never quote anything from your Role PM or from a message that I have sent you, either in a PM or in an assigned Discord chat.

13. Role claiming is allowed, but frowned upon.

14. Character claiming wonít be punished, but these are all made up characters so there isnít much point. It, too, is frowned upon.

15. Unfortunately, I donít think we have a player base to accommodate replacements. Iíve extended the phases to try to accommodate everyone as this is our first game in some time (at least I think it is). So, please, just try to be active. If it becomes a problem, Iíll have to modkill you, and nobody likes that. Especially not me.

16. Have fun and be nice to each other, or whatever.

Once everyone has responded and confirmed that they have received their role I will post an initial write up and day one will begin then.

Completed Games / Harry Potter Mafia Signups
« on: July 22, 2020, 09:01:23 AM »
Hey everyone,

Alright, so a while back I had said I was going to try my hand at one of these and it has been a few weeks since T-Bones game ended and figured there might be an interest in playing again. It's just going to be classic mafia with a Harry Potter theme.

1. Gooch
2. Fosters
3. Doug
4. Oldfield
5. Powers
6. Bennett
7. Tritch
8. Ed
9. Pancho
10. Talon
11. Justin
12. Franchise

« on: December 13, 2019, 08:31:12 AM »

Universal Championship Match
Bray Wyatt (c) vs. The Miz

Tables Ladders & Chairs Match
Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day (c) vs. The Revival

Raw Women's Tag Team Championship TLC Match
The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Tables Match
Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

Singles Match
Aliester Black vs. Buddy Murphy

Raw Tag Team Championship Open Challenger
The Viking Raiders (c) vs. Open Challenge Opponent


~ What match opens the show (main card)?

~ What match is the Main Event?

~ Who challenges The Viking Raiders for the Raw Tag Team Championship?

~ Who loses the fall/taps out in the Smackdown Tag Team Title Match?

~ Who wins the fall/submits their opponent in the Raw Women's Tag Team Championship TLC?

~ What is the time of the longest match (closest without going over gets the point)?

~ What is the time of the shortest match (closest without going over gets the point)?


(Card Updated as of 12/13/19 @ 8:30AM ET)

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