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OOC Boards / Fantasy baseball Two teams needed
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:59:34 PM »
I am looking for two teams for a weekly head to head keeper league on CBS sports line. $100 fee, big pot payout. 12 team 9 hitters, seven pitchers (4 SP,2RP,1Flex) 7 bench. Jon, Talon, Digger, Metro and Pancho are in it. If you are interested please PM me.

Some ideas I was thinking of if rosters are expanded which I think is a great idea.

If we expand rosters I feel the minimums shouldn't be raised. I think leave the minimums the way they are and let each owner decided how to build his team without being guided to filling out certain roster requirements. I team might need more linebackers and skim out on CB's. That's there team to run and manage. I think expanding minimums holds the GM's hand to much.

I think the preseason should be expanded from 2 to 4 this way we can get a better gauge of players this leads me to my other idea that I think the option of coaches decision should be eliminated and let each team have to set their line up without coaches decision.

I think it would be fun if each GM had an advisor run by Talon of course that always gave two pieces of advice every 4th week for each team, one real bad piece of advice and one good piece of advice and depending which one the GM goes with effects a part of their team. Either team morale, Someone getting pissed etc.

just some thoughts.

Rule Change Discussion Board / Rule change submission #7
« on: February 08, 2017, 12:25:21 AM »
So first this might not be popular but let me underline this by saying I know we all have lives that ask many different things of us. I know some have crazy work schedules or work piles up or and surprises some of us. I know we have families, kids, wives GF's etc. Some of us even get surprised by things we cannot control. I know this, I am a married father of three with a baby, I am an educator who has a son in nearly year long baseball and another who is in weekend AP classes. I get real life first, trust me. This is not about that particularly. Now before you type reject just because GM Phoenix wrote it, just really read what I am writing. Here are some suggested changes we can add just to speed up waiting periods in the future (All ideas are extended in the last week of the trade deadline)

1) Right when your coach speaks to you after the presser you could talk to him all day but if you talk to another person then that is it. You get your coach after the presser to discuss everything with and one other person. Rather it is a coach or player. I think this puts some importance on what is being asked. I know I have been guilty of this at times, just calling guys in to ask them about the weather. I think this puts importance on who you really should talk too.

2)I think there should be a 4-5 day period from the time the scores are put up to the time you get autolocked. I think if everyone knew the deadline instead of waiting for Talon to "warm up the bus" or send Ned Stark to scream "Autolocks are coming" I think guys would get on a bit quicker.

3)There are sixteen GM run teams. I think if for some unexpected reason out of your control you cannot get on to HIFL, I think letting T know he can get locked in without penalty. Now obviously after 2-3 times of this there would be some team effects but I think a lot of times 13, 14, 15 guys lock in and one guy is just drowned with work or is having some difficult times I think a pardon or two to just auto lock you for that week should be a consideration. Just to progress the week.

4)I know this is a hobby and it's fun, I get it I love HIFL but I also think we love it enough to have a few limits and or deadlines. I am not trying to blow by the season I am just asking if 12-14 teams are ready to go and someone still haven't answered their presser then we should move on.

(If it's Monday and your personal life just got overtaken by work, family, vacation, unfortunate uncontrollable misfortunes and you know you won't be able to get on Until Friday, maybe you should consider an Auto Lock for that week. I'm sure Talon can implement no penalties for the first few offenses, hell I'm sure at his own discretion he can decide if there even is a penalty)

5) Obviously this is not for Talon for he is running the show. If something comes up then something comes up and we have to wait. But if that man has the time and he is staring at his screen waiting for 1 or 2 folks and everyone has been ready for 1-2 days then while he has the available time he should be able to move everyone else along.

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