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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 20, 2019, 02:30:05 AM »
Ok, thanks coach. I'll leave you to focus on the rest of the rookie showcase.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 18, 2019, 03:41:14 AM »
How feasible is the weight gain? Good to know what areas we can work on though to take his development to the next level.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 17, 2019, 03:03:48 PM »
We'll get him working his hands in the off season too, help him round out his game. Whilst we are on the topic of retaining players and player development, the majority of our d-line is on their contract year. I'll be doing what I can to retain them, as I like all three players, but I do have a couple of questions. I really like Cervantes, love his production, but do we suffer somewhat with our run defence due to his size? How is LaMelo developing? Given his size and athleticism, is he a future DE for us in the 3-4, or could we explore developing him into our DT of the future given Jackson, out of the three, is the one who will first hit a decline in his abilities.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 17, 2019, 01:57:22 PM »
Do we still lack a deep threat though? Or can Mac provide that for us?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 17, 2019, 11:32:15 AM »
Agreed. I feel like he will get the best out of some of our younger WR's too. Whilst discussing WR's, do you feel a replacement for Randolph is abosultely required if we are looking for a successful season? I've held talks over bringing in another WR, but the price is high at the moment. I like Randolph too, I'd like to retain him for next season, but obviously bringing another player would make that less likely.

(#3) Francis Ngannou vs Cain Velasquez - 1st Round TKO
(#10) James Vick vs Paul Felder - 3rd Round Decision
(#11) Cortney Casey vs (#12) Cynthia Calvillo - 3rd round Decision
Alex Cacerces vs Kron Gracie - 3rd Round Decision
Vincente Luque vs Byran Barberena - 2nd Round Submission
Andre Fili vs Myles Jury - 3rd round DECISION

Bonus Fight: (#5) Jimmie Rivera vs (#7) Aljamain Sterling - 1st Round Submission

FOTN: Vick vs. Felder
POTN: Ngannu, Luque, & Sterling

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 16, 2019, 04:27:36 AM »
I think it is the best way to go, we've all got plenty of time between seasons to rest and relax. I don't have too much to discuss, it was close game, but a disappointing loss, there were some upsides, and the losses for us this season have come against the two teams in the Impact Bowl last season, so we can't be too disappointed. How do you feel the game went?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 14, 2019, 07:41:04 AM »
Talk about last weeks game.

It was a really close game this week, they widened the score in the 4th quarter, but really the margins between us were quite minimal. That being said, I can't decide whether I am happy with that or not. On one hand, we have had a few changes and obviously now have Sullivan at the helm, who will need to settle into the team and our system. They are also Rapid City, one of the most dominant teams in HIFL over the past few seasons. On the other hand, they have been poor this season. I don't know, I hate losing, but I can't decide whether it being competitive or not is a positive. Regardless, we improvement in our passing game, we saw a glimpse of what Christian is going to bring to us, decrease the number of drops, and the penalties, and it would have been a far better performance on paper from the team. Defensively, I thought we could have done better in the third, the Ralph Brown touchdown was preventable, and prior to those plays, we hadn't really given much up. Their yardage, and yards gained per pass shot up in that 4th quarter, and we only have ourselves to blame. I think we ran out of steam, it was a phsyical fight in the first half, and perhaps being the travelling team took its toll. Either way, we lost a game that we shouldn't have, especially not by the margin that we did.

What are your thoughts on Hilton Keegan and others skipping this Rookie Showcase and committing to either the XFL or AAF?

They will end up in the HIFL one way or another. Some people prefer to be a small fish, in a tiny pond. And for questions about loyalty and the league not being market driven and treat like a business, what are these players expecting? Yes, they may get love from presumably a low number of fans that actually watch these leagues, and they will get job security because no one else wants to play there, but what if that leads to growth in the league? Once the fans start watching, and caring, and money starts flowing, they will be treat no different than players in the HIFL. Loyalty is shown in abundance in this league, but at the same time, everyone has a job to do, and if they don't do it, they lose it. I have had to make the unfortunate decision to cut players, and to trade players that I liked, that I respected, but I have a job to do. It's always a tough decision, to choose between your responsibility to the fans and your team, and your fondness for a player or coach. We've seen more situations where a player will put their personal wealth before loyalty, so what is the difference? The more these young guys expect to be cradled and protected, the weaker they become, and the weaker they are, the less likely they are to succeed in their professional career.

What are you hoping to gain from this weeks Showcase?

We have always been a team that invests in the draft, so this has become our first step in that process. It's great that we get a good sense of who these players are as well as what they can achieve on the field.

What did you schedule for your players during the bye week? Training or a week off?

I am a firm believer in never letting you're foot off the pedal.

Talk about anything else on your mind in reference to the league/sport.

Outside of the showcase and preparations for Las Vegas, I have nothing else on my mind.

OOC Boards / Re: HIFL Wagering League
« on: February 14, 2019, 06:51:59 AM »
$50 on Cleveland
$50 on Charlotte

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 12, 2019, 08:57:26 AM »
Ok, thanks Coach. Here are the team notes for this week:

Amended Master Depth Chart

QB1 - Christian Sullivan
QB2 - Julius Irvin

TE1 - Larry Herzog
TE2 - Jonas Alley

WR1 - Stefano Armani
WR2 - Mac Richard
WR3 - Floyd Glover
WR4 - Robert Hitt
WR5 - Tommy White

C1 - Micah Cates
C2 - Ezequiel Hall

LB1 - Samuel Chow
LB2 - Jared Garza
LB3 - Christopher Prado
LB4 - Mario Vance
LB5 - Roger Pullen


General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 11, 2019, 03:51:05 AM »
That is what we are all working for Christian, and I believe bringing you on board will really elevate our franchise toward acheiving that goal. If you haven't met everyone yet, I'll arrange for Selina to give you a tour of the place, introduce you to the coaching staff and players. Thanks Christian.


Selina, can you make sure Christian gets shown around and introduced, if that hasn't already occured. Also, can you call in Coach Rhodes. Thanks.


Coach, I screwed up big with that paperwork mis-hap, its not ideal losing Huerta and Williams, but I still think we are stronger now with Sullivan on board. I think Alley could add some more strength to our o-line when we run the two TE set, but I was sad to see Gene leave. On to Sullivan though, we adapted to a faster tempo a few weeks ago, I feel this suits Sullivan, and maintaining our balanced approach with Sullivans arm should now make us a duel threat, although it is unlikely that we will be able to bring in a replacement for Randolph. Do you feel any adjustments are needed?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:56:46 PM »
I agree, three years is a long time, but you will be competing for that starting spot. Keep working hard and developing under our coaching staff, and we will assess the starting position each season. Thanks Julius.

- -

Selina, can you call in Christian Sullivan please.

- -

Christian, welcome to Miami! Something I was hoping I got to say a lot earlier in the season, but we are glad to finally get you in a Killer Whale jersey! How are you feeling? How are the ribs?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 10, 2019, 01:41:49 PM »
Thanks Selina. Everything should now be above aboard. Can you call in Julius Irvin please.


Julius, apologies for keeping you waiting. A lot of business to attend to that ultimately falls down to a mistake on my part. I wanted to speak with you after bringing Sullivan on board, as this will mean a step back for you in your involvement for us this season. I made a mistake this off season and pre season in not having a clear direction for you and our offence. I still believe you have a bright future here and working with Sullivan is only going to help improve your game. We believe you just need a little more time developing in the pro system.

League Office Transactions / Re: HIFL LEAGUE OFFICE IV
« on: February 10, 2019, 01:25:22 PM »
Miami send Joe Bankston to Boca Raton Beach Party.

Miami sign Robert Hitt to a 1 year contract at $250K.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 10, 2019, 02:31:29 AM »
I appreciate your hesitation Selina. The intention would be to send Joe Bankston to Boca Raton along with confirming the new contract. I would do this prior to signing another player but given the league requirement of having a minimum roster of five wide receivers, Iím hesitant to make that move until I have someone to fill that gap.

Forum Games / Re: UFC 234: Whittaker vs. Gastelum (Feb. 10) | UFC Pick Ems
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:22:01 PM »
How has he got a hernia post weight cut?! UFC has far too many injury prone champs.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 09, 2019, 11:00:07 AM »
Thanks for letting me know Selina, I have actioned the paperwork to see that trade go through. Whilst I have you, can you Mr Shapiro on the line regarding his client Robert Hitt.


Bobby, we'd like to bring Robert Hitt on board for the rest of the season. Can we agree to a 1 year, $250K contract.

Forum Games / Re: UFC 234: Whittaker vs. Gastelum (Feb. 10) | UFC Pick Ems
« on: February 09, 2019, 07:47:20 AM »
Middleweight Title: Robert Whittaker (C) vs (#4) Kelvin Gastelum - 5th Round Split Decision
(#6) Isreal Adesanya vs (#15) Anderson Silva - 1st Round TKO
(#15)Rani Yahya vs Ricky Simon - 1st Round Submission
(#14) Montana De La Rosa vs Nadia Kassem - 2nd Round Submission
Jimmy Crute vs Sam Alvey - 3rd Round Decision

FotN: Crute vs Alvey
PotN: Adesanya & Yahya

League Office Transactions / Re: HIFL LEAGUE OFFICE IV
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:30:09 AM »
Miami trade Eugene Huerta to the Spanish national team for $1.5MM in bonus money.

Miami send Quinn Sumner to Boca Raton Beach Party.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 08, 2019, 02:41:17 AM »
Thank you for informing me of the violation. I am working towards resolving the issue as we speak.

High Impact Football League Information / Re: TRADE DISCUSSIONS
« on: February 07, 2019, 11:14:18 AM »
Miami trade:

Gene Williams

Oakland trade:

Jonas Alley
S12 7th Round Pick

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 06, 2019, 11:37:55 AM »
Thanks guys.


Selina, can you call up Julius Irvin please.


Julius, I wanted to have a chat with you. We have brought in Christian Sullivan to help improve our offense, this will mean a step back for you in your role for the team. Firstly, I want to apologise. I put you in a difficult position this season, that falls on me, we went into the season unclear on the direction we wanted to take at QB. The split role between you and Huerta was a bad idea, and I take full ownership of that mistake. I think you have the skillset to one day be the QB for this franchise, but I feel you need more time in the pro system, and I think Christian is a perfect guy to be an understudy to. I hope you appreciate the decision to bring in Christian wasn't taken lightly, and we still value you as a future star of the Killer Whales.

League Office Transactions / Re: HIFL LEAGUE OFFICE IV
« on: February 06, 2019, 10:54:50 AM »

Miami cut Juan Albert

Miami call up Ezequiel Hall and Roger Pullen from Boca Raton Beach Party.

Miami send Eugene Huerta and Christopher McCauley to Boca Raton Beach Party.

Miami sign Christian Sullivan to a three year contract at $10MM. The contract may rise in season 12 if the below incentives are met:
- Sullivan starts a game for Miami - $16MM & $2MM bonus.
- Miami reach the Impact Bowl - $18MM & $2MM bonus.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 06, 2019, 10:54:24 AM »
I felt the time was right for us to make a big move as a franchise, and we have been in desperate need of a quality QB since I took the job. I just have a few tasks to get through now everything is official. I will catch up you again before we set off for Rapid City.


Selina, can you contact Anthony Campanelli & Juan Albert and inform them that Juan is going to be cut from the roster, please pass on our thanks for Juan's contributions to the Miami franchise and wish him the best for the future. If you can also pass on our apologies, and ensure that they understand it was simply a matter of business, and that we simply couldn't afford a back up on his contract given recent events.

Additionally can you arrange for McCauley and Huerta to come and see me. Thanks.


Gents, as I'm sure you are aware we have acquired a new player and this has required us to review our roster and where some players would be better placed. With that being said, we are going to have you both go to Boca Raton. I am sure Coach Bond will be thrilled to have you down there, and it will be a great oppurtunity for you both to get a lot of game time in a pro-coaching setting.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 06, 2019, 02:58:52 AM »
It was a good experience for them, to feel what it is like to win something. Of course, in the long run the Florida Cup is meaningless if our season doesn't result in a post-season challenge, but we got winners in the team now, and that can only be good. If we had a passing game we would have won the game far more comfortably too I believe. I'm sure you have seen the news that I have made another offer to try and get Sullivan here. I like Julius, but we can't have too many seasons where we are building, when we are so close to being contenders. Hopefully he'll decide to join us in Miami, but I can see the appeal of his other suitors. I do have some potential trades in the pipe line to improve our WR corps also. Is there anything you'd like to discuss before the Rapid City game?

OOC Boards / Re: HIFL Wagering League
« on: February 05, 2019, 03:12:10 AM »
$80 on Alabama
$20 on Music City

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: February 05, 2019, 03:06:41 AM »

*GM Garcia comes out to the podium with his pig-nosed assistant following in tow, the assistant, looking more trim, is unsteady on his feet juggling a beer in one hand and the Florida Cup in the other.*

Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong? What went right?

I'm a happy GM right now folks. We have got our first Florida Cup, I have something to go in my office that isn't a Mrs Profits calendar, and we've finally got one over on Orlando who survived boths game against us last season by the skin of their teeth. It seems these games are destined to be tight, despite the clear disparity in talent between us. We didn't get everything right, our passing game was all but non exsistent but we did what Killer Whales football does best, we ran it down their throat. I caught GM Cory's press conference just as we were... celebrating. I'm not sure if I heard correctly, but did he imply that Miami fans were sending death threats? Honestly, I thought he'd be more humble in defeat, but then this is the guy that got Holts ego so inflated he seems to disappear from the field entirely these days. I think its time for another GM Cory re-build, and if the Orlando fans are frustrated, they should direct their frustrations at the GM who clearly has eyes on where his next paycheck will be coming from.

Enough about Orlando though, we did somethings very well, we defended against the pass as well as we have done all season. Prado had that huge play that ultimately won us the game, but it was a byproduct of the pressure and effective coverage we had up to that point. I was a little disappointed that we almost let that lead slip after the interception TD, it was almost a similar response to when we were crushing Alabama. We need to cut out these lapses in concentration where we can potentially get steam rolled because we are too caught up in ourselves. Need to see out the result. But yeah, overall, very happy with our running game and defensive performance this week.

Talk about the news that caught your attention this week...

Given our next game, the Pruitt story caught my eye. The kid has always seemed a professional so I'm not sure what was said that got him so riled up, but I'll be finding out tonight and make sure our D-Line has that stuff rehearsed. We did start to see some signs of decline in Pruitt last season, so it is unsurprising that it would continue into this season. Class isn't permanent, I don't know who came up with that phrase, everyone slows down eventually, perhaps Pruitt is struggling to come to terms with that? I don't know, I'll have to see what was said.

Now that you have completed your first round of divisional games, how do you rank the teams in your division and who do you believe will be the biggest threat to your goals?

I think this is an obvious answer for our division, especially with Music City and Atlanta getting hammered this week. There are two teams in this division and they are Miami and Alabama. Wait sorry, Miami and Jamie Ortega. Ortega is playing out of his mind this season, I'm surprised they aren't randomly testing him like that kid who kicked the one hundred yard plus field goal. He's the biggest threat to our goals, and if we're being real, he is the biggest threat to everyones goals. I'm intrigued to see how long he can keep it up and whether anyone can find a way of stopping him that doesn't border into Tonya Harding territory.

Talk to us about your upcoming game this week.  What will be the key to victory as you step out of division for the first time this year?

Rapid City are not vastly different to Orlando in their strengths and weaknesses, except their team possessing a talented RB. I think we approach the game in a similar manner and we'll be working on improving our passing game in training to ensure we test them everyway we can. They don't appear to be the world beating franchise they once were, but a lot of us said the same thing last season and they still made the Impact Bowl. We have to step up and treat them with respect for what they could be, not what they currently are. But yeah, we are going to run them into that South Dakota mud of theirs either way.

Raphael AssunÁ„o vs (#4) Marlon Moraes - 2nd round TKO
Jose Aldo vs Renato Moicano - 3rd round Decision
Damien Maia vs Lyman Good - 3rd round Decision
Charles Oliveira vs David Teymur - 1st round TKO
Justin Ledet vs Johnny Walker - 3rd round Decision
Livia Souza vs Sarah Frota - 1st round TKO

FOTN: Aldo vs Moicano
POTN: David Teymur, Marlon Moraes

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 31, 2019, 03:59:26 PM »
As am I, Samuel. I see an impact bowl in your future, no doubt about it.


Selina, inform the coaches I have no notes for them this week other than to make sure that empty spot in the trophy cabinet gets filled.


General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 31, 2019, 01:44:10 PM »
Thanks guys. Weíll keep an eye on the market for another WR. Can you tell Chow Iíd like to see him on your way back please.


Chow! You have gotten off to a great start this season, leading the way for us every game so far. You and the guys motivated to get that trophy this week against Orlando?!

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:43:51 PM »
Youíve surprised a lot of people with your smash-mouth run game, got a lot of defenders second guessing whether they can stop ya! Keep it up!


Selina, can you call in both co-ordinators please.


Guys, with the window for trades approaching I was hoping for each of you to highlight one position that you would upgrade on. The type of player, and how he fits into our system and I will see what I can do in the market.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 30, 2019, 03:32:48 PM »
Glad to hear it Mac. Iíll let you get back to practice.


Selina, can you call in Justin Haas please.


Justin! Youíve had a great start to the season so far, but I feel like we are starting to really see you hit your stride. How are you finding the starting role this season?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:20:15 PM »
As long as we keep performing at the same level as this weeks game, the numbers wonít really matter. Thanks coach.


Selina can you call in Mac Richard please.


Mac, how are you doing? I just wanted to congratulate you on the performance against Ruhr Kings, I have been impressed by how well you have handled that step up into the starting role. It hasnít gone unnoticed.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 29, 2019, 01:44:24 PM »
It is a concern how often he gets tagged, but aside from the Alabama game, I don't think we are giving up sacks that freely. I'd like to see him run more under pressure, seems to look for the pass more often than not, but we're also not turning over the ball really either. Speaking of sacks, do you think we could be getting more? I love the pressure we get on the QB at the moment, and we're getting FF's and the like, just not a high number of sacks.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 29, 2019, 01:06:58 PM »
I really like where we are developing with our run game, it was one of the primary reasons for drafting Irvin, as I felt that is where our offensive future was heading. Do you feel we have the right balance to punish Orlando? Any defensive adjustments we could make?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 28, 2019, 04:26:01 PM »
It was indeed. A lot seemed to click in the game, can we attribute aome of the performance to the consistency maintained with one QB at the helm? Julius didnít have a bad game by all means, but it didnít seem as though his performance was key to our change in fortunes offensively speaking.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 26, 2019, 12:27:39 PM »
Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong? What went right?

I am feeling ecstatic right now. Music City gave us a real scare with that big play at the star of the game, and I think I was right there with every Miami fan in thinking here we go again, weíre going to suffer on some big plays just like we did against Alabama. But this time we rose up under that pressure and delivered a performance of real quality, possibly the best performance since I have been in charge. It is hard in this moment to reflect on what we did wrong, Julius had his first full game as our starting QB, and it was a decent performance, certainly something to build off of.

Defensively we were strong, with the forced fumbles and returns, making big plays once again! Iíd love if we could stamp out these occasional big plays that come out of nowhere, and on special teams we give up a little too much yardage. But Iím finding fault here, the performance as very impressive and far closer to what I envision as Killer Whale football, our pack of sea wolves in the running corps really highlighted that today.

Talk about the news that caught your attention this week.

Seen as I am in a good mood, letís talk about everything you guys want to headline your sites and blogs. Iíll. be as candid as I can. Throw them at me;

Sullivan hitting the market, I love it. Makes our next game against Charlotte less of a challenge that is for sure, then again, I am sure Greenside has something planned and I will be eating those words in several weeks time.

If Shelley needs billboards to keep himself motivated, GM Metro is going to have to re-assess his marketing budget. Seriously though, should he need that? We all know a kick up the arse is good for a player every now and then, but this is the start of the season, a season in which he had high expectations. Iíd be questioning his mental strength if I was his coach at this point.

Good for Odell, itís an impressive feat. Transitioning from your desired position can be a hit to an ego but he looks to have a found a role in special teams that suits him, and gives him a platform to succeed in the HIFL and that should be the goal for any player.

Man, extremely disrespectful for a coach to undermine his GM like that, clearly he doesnít believe GM Dazz is up to the task, like half of DC at the moment, but from a professional stand point, that should be an in house discussion. Highly unprofessional and generally just unfair on the kid at QB. If I was in GM Dazzís shoes Iíd be looking at replacing more than Carmazzi.

Milwaukee are doing well, they have a GM with a clear vision and I have no doubt in my mind that he will make them contenders in years to come.

I canít see why anyone would not want to be working in the HIFL.

Damn right they did!

Tibbetís is getting old, so despite him being a rival teams player, it is always good to hear he hasnít suffered an injury that could have seen him retire. You always want see players go out on their own terms.

They are rookies. How about we just give them a season in the league before we start picking them apart. A huge factor in the development of these kids is how well they can cope with the barrage of negativity that will come their way from the press, especially if they are placed in the starting line up from the off.

GM Gooch is a competitor, a ruthless, win at all costs competitor just like the rest of us. Donít let the nice guy persona fool you, he isnít going to be happy losing. Look at St Paul, he mortgaged their future for a ring, and left them to collapse when they didnít achieve it. The chance to re-build Long Beach into a winning team would be a success that is achievable for him, rather than be the nearly man every year in St Paul. He will have a bruised ego for a season or two I am sure. GM Justin trolling a team beneath Oakland though? I think plenty of us will remember that when he is inevitably dumped out of the playoffs.

If any of you predicted that happening you need a raise.

I think Tucson will be fine, it is a big loss, but as we saw with Music City this week, and ourselves last week, good teams can be heavily beaten if the cards fall against them on the day. GM Kirk shouldnít worry, but as a competitor of mine I hope he does.

One Quarter of the way through your season, What have you learned about your team so far, and where do you see your season going?

I feel like we have learnt a lot about the new guys on the roster and how well they gel with the team. I think with Maria, and Armani especially you are really starting to see them settle in the team, where as other players like Brands fit in straight away. There is ongoing development, we all know that, we know that we have a lot of young players, but we also have guys that are a few seasons in and we are starting to see the fruits of their development. Players like Chow and Freese are going to have big seasons for us. We have made big strides this week, but I need to see a few more performances like that before I believe we are capable of achieving more than what we did last season.

Talk to us about your upcoming game this week.  What will be the key to victory?

I am looking for payback this season, GM Cory and Orlando have struggled this season, but it wonít take anything away from us beating them this week. I want one of those trophies around the office, I want to walk past it every morning, so regardless of their form, I want them to treat Orlando like they are playing with last seasons form. I think as long as we respect Patton and our defence can keep making big plays, our offence will find enough opportunities to get us the win.


Cory, you have got the Gillespie result wrong. Not sure how it would affect scoring but he TKO'd Medeiros in the 2nd.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:41:22 AM »
It is unfortunate timing for you, with you hitting your prime years. But it is an injury that you can re-cover from, and from what I have seen of your character since you have been a Killer Whale makes me believe you will come back from this stronger! Keep strong Daniel.


Selina, pass this information to the coaching staff please.

Amended Master Depth Chart

WR1 - Stefano Armani
WR2 - Mac Richard
WR3 - Floyd Glover
WR4 - Joe Bankston
WR5 - Tommy White

Amended Additional Depth Chart

QB- Julius Irvin
RB1- Justin Haas
RB2- Earl Brand
RB3- Maria Crews
FB- Sami Ozil
TE- Larry Herzog
LWR- Stafano Armani
RWR- Mac Richard

LT- Joseph Worthington
LG- Harlan Slater
C- Micah Cates
RG- David Hill
RT- Gary Fenton

QB- Julius Irvin
RB1- Maria Crews
RB2- Justin Haas
RB3- Earl Brand
TE- Larry Herzog
LWR- Mac Richard
RWR- Floyd Glover
SWR- Stafano Armani

LT- Joseph Worthington
LG- Harlan Slater
C- Micah Cates
RG- David Hill
RT- Gary Fenton


League Office Transactions / Re: HIFL LEAGUE OFFICE IV
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:41:06 AM »
Miami Killer Whales place Daniel Randolph on the Designated to Return list.

Miami Killer Whales call up Tommy White from Boca Raton Beach Party.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 20, 2019, 01:21:59 PM »
Perfect, thanks Coach.


Selina, can you get me Daniel Randolph on the line please.


Daniel, I hope everything went well with the surgery. Itís a damn shame to lose you for such a long period, but you just need to keep focused on your recovery. How are you coping?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:38:18 AM »
Good, good. This is your opportunity to really cement yourself as HIFL QB, we have faith that you can achieve that.


Selina, can you call in Coach McNeil. Quick question on replacing Randolph, Mac and Armani will of course be our two primary receivers, but with Armani the preferred choice in the slot, do we have another deep threat? Are Glover and Bankston more suited to the slot? Or could Maria do quite while there?

Cutelaba is injured and has been replaced in the Glover fight with Karl Roberson.

Henry Cejudo (C) vs TJ Dillashaw - 1st Round TKO
Greg Hardy vs Allen Crowder - 2nd Round KO
Gregor Gillespie vs Yancy Medeiros - 3rd Round Submission
Joseph Benavidez vs Dustin Ortiz - 3rd Round Decision
Paige VanZant vs Rachel Ostovich - 2nd Round Submission
Glover Teixeira vs Karl Roberson - 3rd Round Decision

Bonus: Donald Cerrone vs Alexander Hernandez - 3rd Round Decision

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 18, 2019, 02:48:48 AM »
You're only three games into your HIFL career, I don't think anyone will be counting you out yet Eugene. Just work hard on the training field and be ready whenever the next oppurtunity arises for you to get out there.


Selina, can you call in Julius Irvin please.


Julius, I've just informed Eugene that we will be benching him going forward and that you will be our starting QB. Obviously, we have not had the best start offensively, but with you on point I feel we can build some consistency. Losing Randolph will damage our progression in that sense, but with Mac and Armani we still have two talented recievers. You up for the challenge?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:50:52 AM »
Right then. Well, I better break the news to Eugene. Can you call him into my office on your way out. Thanks.


Eugene, take a seat. I just wanted to let you know in person that we are to start Julius fully from this week going forward. You did as well as you could, but we feel you need to some more development, more time to adjustment to the pro setting before you are ready for a starting role. Now, I'd like to keep you backing up Julius, and I do see you having a future here but if you'd prefer to be starting games, I could give you the starting spot at Boca Raton where you'd be working under Coach Bond.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 16, 2019, 04:58:06 PM »
And we donít have the passing game to punish when they go to that well too often. It is a knock on effect, I get that, but we have handled that D-line before. If we can get more consistency with our passing, it will most likely stabilise but the nature of that collapse against Alabama was concerning nonetheless.

Regardless, we wonít be changing the o-line but we will be giving Julius the starting QB spot. Should we adjust our ratios, have the ball run more often to take away some of the pressure on him?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 16, 2019, 04:39:40 PM »
We will do what we can with what we have. I think it is time the two QB system is discarded and Julius gets the reigns for the time being. Huerta isnít ready for first team action, I think that has become clear so far. What alarms me most on offence is the lack of protection we are giving to our QB, two safeties and Alabama getting the number of safeties they got in the second half is simply unacceptable. Is there an obvious player that is letting us down in that regard? I canít see that there is in the stats.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 16, 2019, 03:08:37 AM »
Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong? What went right?

We collapsed. That spell of the game, just before half time, Alabama steam rolled us and we just collapsed after that. Huerta struggled, we'll need to review whether it has been too soon a step up for him, Julius looked good early in the game but once it turned he struggled too. Our offensive line really struggled to protect the QB in that periood too which was really disappointing considering the talent we have in that position. Alabama are an extremely talented team though, so a lot of these errors made are forced errors, when they are playing at that level, there aren't many teams in the league that can withstand it. If Ortega stays fit, I just can't see a way a defense can contain him at the moment. For us though, this has not been an ideal start to the season, yes we still have a positive record, we are 2-1 but the performances have not been up to the standard of what I expect of this team. On one big positive though, Maria had a fantastic game, and had it been any other game, the media would rightfully be praising her for such a strong display.

The XFL and AAF have been very quiet since their championship games received very low viewership, do you believe there is room for that many professional football league's in America?

I don't know. I think with the international teams requiring so much time from players that it stretches the talent pool thin, but really, I'm not the right person to be asking this question to.

Talk about something going on around the league this season that has interested you in one way or another.

Gustafson's performance as a stand in QB was nothing short of remarkable. Says a lot about himthat he could perform to that level under that sort of pressure in a position he hasn't played for a long time. That's a big test of character!

What do you make of the incredible season Jamie Ortega is having this year, first place in passing and rushing TDs, as well as rushing yards all while only having one interception on the season.. is that MVP Caliber in your eyes, and if not, who is your early favorite for league MVP?

Of course it is MVP caliber, I've seen it first hand for anyone doubting him. The big question is obviously whether he can maintain the form, is he mentally strong enough? He got taken out of the game against Atlanta but wasn't injured, I think that raises some questions about his character, and without Ortega Alabama look fairly ordinary, even with Robles. But yeah, on form, he has too many weapons, it makes it extremely difficult to defend against. Talent-wise, he is a game changer.

Talk to us about your upcoming game this week. What will be the key to victory?

We have the 3-0 Music City visiting, which should be a really intriguing game. Under GM Bennett they have really started to click and are showing the potential they previously had as a franchise, I'm not sure they are a threat to the division yet, they are heavily reliant on their passing game and I feel there are holes there that will be exploited once they have rode this new found confidence out. Despite our collapse against Alabama, I think it was a one of for our defense, we will bounce back and cause Music City problems, I'm sure of it, so the real key to victory for us is how much we can damage them offensively. We will be making changes in regards to the QB position that you will discover closer to the game. Losing Randolph is going to hurt us and not only is he our #1 wide receiver but he is also a captain. However, it leaves an oppurtunity for other players to prove themselves.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 09, 2019, 02:47:59 AM »
Ok, Coach, I will leave it in your hands.

Tempo: Fast
Rotation: Mostly Starters

Additional In-season Training:

- 4 hours Position Training
- 0 hours Athletic Training
- 2 hours Physical Training
- 0 hour Film Study

Players: LaMelo Jackson, Quinn Sumner.


General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MIAMI KILLER WHALES
« on: January 08, 2019, 03:21:24 AM »
I think it might help us punish those teams that rely too heavily on blitzing. Are there any other changes we could make to assist us in this tactically? Is Williams a more effective 'linesman' than Zog? Would slotting him on the shotgun and spread formations give us a little more solidity?

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