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« on: July 18, 2018, 11:22:36 PM »

XL Expectations @xavierlucasHIFL
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I would like to congratulate rookie CB @CBEricEVAN$ on his very first All-Star selection. I know myself, the staff, your team mates and all of Atlanta is proud you. There are many more to come. #allstarEVANS

Mafia Games / Re: The Punisher Mafia Sign Up
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...are you talking to me, my child?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 17, 2018, 12:40:52 AM »
Depth Chart Changes

(If Collins can play}
RB 1 Daniel Collins RB 2 Johnny Vasquez

Eric West to the Slot

KR/PR 1 Eric West  KR 2 Timothy Brown

Kick offs/Punts: Robert Gilbert and James Brown replace Leake and Chandler.

Game Changes
Tempo: Moderate
Run/Pass: 45/55
Blitz Ratio: 40%

In-Season Training Schedule

- 2 hours Film Study

- Thomas Mazza

Coaches make all other decisions.


General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 17, 2018, 12:11:28 AM »
Alright, thank you, I say with the season almost done, we see how they take to the responsibility. I have seen many young players do well with the C. Thank you coach, I'll let you head out and I'll see you on the bus. Let's me finalize this here.


Ms. Watson can you get me DT Brian Ezell and CB Eric Evans


Gentlemen, I hope I didn't pull you off the bus. I think it's time for this team, especially this defense to go in a different direction with new leadership. After a discussion with Coach Munoz, it has come through his recommendation that he feels you two are the two players on defense who stand out to wear the C as two new captains on our defense. I know you both are young in this league but I believe wearing the C has less to do about age and more to do about heart. You two have displayed that heart by how hard you play week in and week out on that field. If we are going to start building this defense it is going to be around players like yourself, who share the same, drive, passion and focus for this game. Losing is never easy gentlemen and you along with a few others on this team have really held it together and done well in tough times. More than ever we need to pull this team together.  I hope you accept this responsibility and take this as a sign of trust that you two gentlemen along with a few others are part of this this teams future for the foreseeable future and beyond.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 16, 2018, 08:38:32 PM »
Ms Watson can you get me coach Munoz


Coach I almost forgot, I know you are about to get on the bus and I want to also. I have one more question, With the departure of Leake and Chandler we have two captain spots open. I think giving the C to two deserving players can really boost moral. Which two players do you notice on the defensive side of the ball really stand out as captain material.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 15, 2018, 02:58:25 PM »


General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:59:21 AM »
Understood, thanks coach. I know the guys and the staff are getting ready to make the trip to the base. I'll let you get ready. See you at the base.


Watson, can you get me coach Munoz before I close up shop so we can head out.


Coach, all season I have tried to avoid requesting more training hours and video watching. I do want Mazza watching some extra video. Though I love the fact that he thinks he can make every throw, the reality is I don't think he's getting a good 1st and 2nd read. I would like him to put in time watching the Barons last few games. As we know with Tombstone, no team can be taken for granted. I want to ask you because I said I would communicate more with my staff, do you think there is 1,2 or 3 players who can benefit  from some extra physical, athletic or position training moving forward?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:20:08 AM »
Thank you Coach Campbell for your input.  One last question coach and I think I'll be finishing up. I know we have a pretty good pass defense. It's obvious we are struggling stopping the run. I know you play a very hard nose and conservative defense but do you think we can capitalize against the Barons by upping the Blitz ratio to about 45% ?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 15, 2018, 01:02:32 AM »
I definitely understand and knew trading our two biggest play makers in the front seven would impact us. But I knew getting Brown would be a good replacement or at least good enough to not to give up 7td's. With Chandler and Leake both gone I want to best utilize the strengths of our defensive players. In your assessment, at this moment who are our best play makers in our front seven.   

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 14, 2018, 08:06:55 PM »
That's sound advice. I'll put it in and get this ground game going. If Collins is ready to go we should have a great chance to get this game at home. See you at the base.


MS . Watson can you get me coach Campbell


Coach, we got scored on 7 times on the ground. I saw fight in us until the second half and we completely fell apart. What was it fatigue was it the adjustment to not having Chandler and Leake or just down right lack of talent.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 14, 2018, 06:54:31 PM »
He said he could play in any system. In the spread we have seen him shine and fail hard. Which system do you think he would be better suited for to get back on track. I want to do all I can to make sure his confidence doesn't get ruined. I was thinking play more shotgun and west coast but I know we haven't done much practicing in those formations. so maybe upping the run game, I'm in between thoughts, What's you take.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 14, 2018, 05:50:52 PM »
I'll talk to the coaches and the team doctor and see where we are. At your request I'll leave it up to them if they give you the green light. Thank you Daniel, your heart and passion is second to none. I know you have to start getting ready since we are heading out early. See you at the base


Ms. Watson can you get me OC Bowman


Coach, First, How has Mazza been coming along?

We are 9 weeks in, what's your current assessment of him.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 14, 2018, 12:03:26 PM »
I'll let you start getting the team ready to get on the bus. I have to do a few things and I'll get ready to go with you guys


Ms. Watson can you get me RB Daniel Collins.


Mr. Collins, I know you had a set back a few weeks ago. I see the coaches have put your status as Doubtful. I believe your health is more important than any wins. I do not want to take a chance with any further injury because you are part of the foundation for the future of this team. I am going to give you one more week off and after that, when you are ready you will once again take your place on that field behind Mazza as our number 1 back.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 14, 2018, 11:15:49 AM »
I think after those two tough losses the team needs to get away from their normal routines. Losing creates not only distance but turmoil which eventually turns into people pointing fingers. I really want to avoid it if it hasn't started already.  I know we have Milwaukee coming in and as much as I would love to quiet GM Strike. I think team moral and confidence is more important. Let's lighten up on the practices for this week and take advantage of their high tech equipment and watch more videos. Do that with some team building exercises and hopefully we can get back to doing what we know best. I say we get the team together asap and start heading out. The sooner the better. We'll spend a few days out there and head back to get our final walk throughs in before the Barons come to our home field.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 14, 2018, 02:27:27 AM »
Coach, I'm thinking we need to take a break. With so much that has happened I don't think our focus is where it should be. We have had a very strange and dysfunctional two weeks that I and I'm sure everyone else would like to forget. I was hoping to take advantage of the bye week. As part of our collaboration with the military I had set us up for one weekend at Hunter Army Airfield Army Base in Savannah, GA. For organized workouts and team building exercises to help get us working closely together before the season started as part as our contractual sponsor obligation. With the recent incidents I was not been able to set it up. I would like to give the guys a small rest and head out to the Hunter Army Airfield right here in Georgia for a few days before the next home game in order to help build up team moral. I think some time off from practicing will help heal their bodies and clear their head. Obviously we can still have some light practices over there and we can still watch videos and have meetings but I would like us to concentrate more on team building exercises.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 13, 2018, 05:40:24 PM »
Thank you. I will do my best and try not let you down.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 13, 2018, 04:11:44 PM »
Not at all. Thank you for your support and clean slate. I intend to fully do my absolute best and try and reach all goals set fourth. Once again, thank you Ms. Barracuda for the opportunity to turn this around. One question;

To get this ship righted, as you know I made some trades to help get us under the cap. that came with eating a lot of salary and PR for this season to help us get where we need to be next season and moving forward. I currently only have about 1M in PR to work with and creating something special for fan outreach and team moral might drain that. I have some ideas but with only 1M in PR I fear doing so to accomplish a few of the goals will take us down to $0 in PR. Do I have permission to proceed with our minimum budget of 1m in PR to make this happen.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 13, 2018, 03:25:36 AM »
Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. First off I would like to apologize for my past behavior. Iím sure we are all aware what has transpired over the last few weeks and need I say I have been preoccupied, that is no excuse. You all have done a great job and stuck with us here during this tough season. Now, Let me get to it. For a Half we looked like we were about to give everyone something to talk about. We were making stops on the line, pressuring the QB, covering all the WR's and then the floor gave in. Second half we were not even close to our best. We gave up probably the most combined rushing TD's this season. We couldn't get to the Qb and we looked a little gassed out there. I attribute that to three things, first my distractions havenít left much space to concentrate on the Xís and Oís so I take blame for that. Second, fatigue, Not sure if it was the Bus ride from Atlanta to Jersey or the distractions or maybe both but we looked to be tired that second half. Third, Turnovers. You canít win when you give up turnovers. 

Give us an evaluation of the first half of the season for your team, who has stood out both good and bad?
The first half of the season has been trivial. We have been very inconsistent but once again that comes with experience.  One week we give a top teams a fight, the next, we lose by a field goal, the next we blow out Oakland and then we lose to a team that had no wins in Tombstone.  Very up and down but with that I have seen some great play from our rookies. They have really stepped up and I can only imagine how much better they are going to get. Also, let me point out what a great Job LB James Brown and DE Andrew Lovejoy  have done since we acquired them. Talk about working well in a system. As far as stood out bad, Iíll take the blow for that one. I came here with much talk about winning now and winning starts today and though I always have a plan, I tend to act before I can process each and every outcome. That has led to some huge misunderstandings on my end which I absolutely plan to correct from this point forward.

With where you sit in the standings, how do you feel about your chances of meeting your owners expectations and how do you grade your performance as GM, what about your job security?

Let me start this by saying I had every intention to meet our previous owners expectations. Everything I do is to make sure I am putting this organization in a position to be successful but that has come with some bumps and bruises as you can see by the replays you guys are still airing. The new owner has given me the benefit of the doubt as long as I sit on my hands and do not have any more hiccups. To grade myself would be foolish. Again, I think I did a pretty good job drafting and acquiring a few Season 11 first round picks and solid players like James Brown but everything in between has definitely not been my best. I would like to give myself a TBD but let me just say it, I messed up in some places pretty big and for that I would say I give myself a D.  I donít think I have failed because I still have a job but I need to do much better.

Who is your league-wide Mid-season MVP?  Who has been the most surprising under performer?
I think when we think MVPís we think of only players but I think I have to take my hat off to GM Jon. He went into a really volatile situation over there in Seattle and has done a very impressive job with his crafty acquisitions and getting those players to respond.  As far as under performer goes, I canít throw shade when we are sitting here with the record we have, having just had two horrible weeks . Having the season I have had does not give me room to judge.  I know many did not and do not give us a chance but for me I think we have grossly under-performed. I am surprised at that.

Which of your division rivals has surprised you the most? How and Why?
I say the Charlotte Crowns and Alabama Nighthawks have surprised me for two completely different reasons.  Charlotte has done a great job in their first year putting the right mix of guys together.  Alabama has surprised me because everyone crowned them at the start of the season. They got all new coaches, kept their franchise big man on the team. They added without losing anyone and yet they seem to be stumbling a bit.

With the Trade Deadline coming up this week, Do you see yourself as a buyer, a Seller, or do you plan to hold fast with what you have?
All I can say for sure is that we are definitely not buying. As far as anything else goes I would be a fool as a GM not to keep the lines open.

What is your opinion on the league's newly announced luxury tax rule, do you believe it is fair, and do you believe it will benefit the league?
Well speaking from the stand point of a team that will be drastically under the cap next season I like it. I think this helps with how trades get manipulated. Teams in my position would always be willing to eat salary for future picks, players etc. That system was allowing to many dynamic players with huge contracts to go to already stacked teams shifting the balance of the league. I think this way, teams looking to stack at the expense of their future have to think a bit more on how much do they want to impact their future. I honestly wish they would have added a no amnesty rule to all big price players who were traded. This way a team canít just cut a newly acquired star just to save money at the end of the season. That puts playerís economic future in jeopardy.

Talk about your game this upcoming week, what do you need to focus on most?

Winning, and the only way I see that happening is by making sure there are No turnovers, No turnovers and No turnovers.  We do that and we will do exactly what I expect to do against the Barons, win.

Forum Games / Re: WWE Prediction Contest: Extreme Rules (2018)
« on: July 12, 2018, 08:28:27 PM »
AJ Styles (c) vs. Rusev

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax

James Ellsworth will be suspended above the ring in a shark cage.
Carmella (c) vs. Asuka

Dolph Ziggler (c) (with Drew McIntyre) vs. Seth Rollins

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan) (c) vs. Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane)

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt (c) vs. The B-Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel)

Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley

Finn BŠlor vs. Baron Corbin

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens


The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. Sanity (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain)


Which match opens up the main show? TABLES MATCH

Guess the longest match time (closest gets the point)? 24:01

Guess the shortest match time (closest gets the point)? 3:15

Which match closes the show? LAST MAN STANDING

Guess the announced attendance (closest gets the point)? 18,115

How many total seconds do all the matches on the main card equal out to (closest gets the point)? 13440

What will the total score be in the Iron Man match? 3-1

First weapon used in the Extreme Rules match? Chair

Losing fall in both Tag Team Title matches (must get both right to get the point)? Rowan & Dallas

How many Superman Punches will Roman Reigns dish out? 2

High Impact Football League Information / Re: TRADE DISCUSSIONS
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:14:47 PM »
All players on the trade block are 3 star. I am Looking for Minor Leaguer's and or PR Cash.
They seemed productive before I changed the systems. 

High Impact Football League Information / Re: TRADE DISCUSSIONS
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:13:24 PM »

Atlanta Warriors Trade Block

T   Jamal Seal      1   3.5Mil   
RB   Elijah Hood           1   3.5Mil
WR   Andrew Craven     1   2Mil   
DT   George Slender     1   4.75Mil      0.25PR

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 08, 2018, 09:05:40 PM »
Depth Chart Changes

RB 1 Johnny Vasquez
RB 2 Elijah Hood

RB Daniel Collins-Sits Out

Tackle 1 Julio Redd
Tackle 2 Jamal Seal
Tackle Louis Duckett-Sits Out

FS 1 Peter Haney
FS 2 Myles Bullock

SS 1 Lucas Ash
SS 2 Manuel Novak

Everything else coaches decision.


« on: July 05, 2018, 08:42:18 PM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL
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Most importantly I would like to apologize to the great state of Georgia and the wonderful city of Atlanta especially @WarriorNation. My moves and behavior have not been what you had hoped for when I was hired and I promise to make it up to you by building a WINNER you deserve. #Iwillearnyourtrust #rookiemistakes

« on: July 05, 2018, 08:37:07 PM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL
8,234 Retweets, 11,222 Likes

I would like to formally apologize to @StrikeGuy2K18 @REALT-Bone @GMKirkRules @AdamWrongOfficial for engagaing in any form of juvenile behavior on social media. The embarrassment which I suffered due to Crowe's sneak attack got the best of me emotionally and i lashed out. #weareallprofessionals

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: July 05, 2018, 12:14:07 PM »
Ms. Watson can you call in the coaches please, Munoz, Bowman, Campbell and Corral. 


Gentlemen. I know the bad press and embarrassment this organization suffered because of the actions of the former owner did nothing to help team moral. I know low confidence makes your job harder and I apologize if I have contributed to that. I want to apologize for any of my past transgressions that have led to any locker room disputes or coaching misunderstandings. I know coaches don't like to see their best players leaving their system that they most likely built around them. Truth is in my first season in the HIFL and with the team I made some mistakes and I am never to proud enough to admit when I made a mistake or I am wrong. I have learned from those mistakes and I hope the moves I made to get us drastically under the cap while giving some first rounders and additional draft picks for the present and future let you know I am in this for the long haul. I want to put us in a position to be successful and as we all know success does not come over night. I saw a good team that was not quite gelling and making the strides I definitely thought we should have made by this time. I knew we needed more assets if we were thinking long term. Please know that I see the progress you all have made and are making with our young players so your jobs are safe moving forward, you have my word, I hope that still carries some weight.

Now talking about Moving forward, from here on we will work in tandem to right this ship. I know a few times this year I could have called you guys in to talk about player movement and I ran with it alone. But not anymore, that means when thinking of players to add or and subtract there will be more communication. We have a lot of good pieces on this team that only look to get better. We have two amazing CB's. We have an O-line that looks to be maturing into the real deal and an offense that has proven to be explosive. We are not there yet but with the moves I have made I am sure we will be much closer. This season is now about making sure our young players know that they are part of the future and that they are laying down a foundation they can be comfortable with and succeed in. Our job is to make sure they gain as much experience as possible and meet their absolute potential.

one last note, I have taken this team rock bottom over the last few weeks because I thought I was doing the right thing. This is where communication could have really help in averting all the has transpired here over the last few weeks. I am now confident there is no where else left to go but up. I promise moving forward to be more mindful of my actions. Thank you gentlemen.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 30, 2018, 08:37:36 PM »
Orale Senor Vasquez. ŅCůmo estŠs hoy, me alegro de que son parte de este equipo y no puedo esperar a ver que hacer esta semana en contra de Nueva Jersey.

You look surprised, I know Spanish and I'm working on my Mandarin also. This is your moment Mr. Vasquez so I won't take up anymore of your time and I'll let you get back to practicing.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 29, 2018, 05:43:29 PM »
Ms. Watson can you get me  RB Johnny Vasquez


Mr. Vasquez, I wanted to personally tell you that I was impressed with the nice job you did out there this past week. It's not easy to average more than five yards per carry. I wanted to let you know with Daniel Collins injury you will be shouldering the load as our lead RB until he is ready. Put up a performance like that in your next starts and we can have a good situation of a two headed monster here in Atlanta which can only make us that more dangerous.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 29, 2018, 04:34:37 PM »
Thank you for a clean slate Ms. Barracuda, I look forward in doing right by this organization because that is all ever wanted to do. I also understand the mishandling of the media, feeling the way I was feeling I should have kept it short and sweet. From here on forward things will be done accordingly.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 29, 2018, 09:27:52 AM »
You all look confused, It's kind of hard to think. I'm still suffering from a concussion and can hardly think straight at the moment. These bright lights aren't helping so if there aren't anymore questions I'll head out. My head is starting to hurt.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 29, 2018, 01:21:10 AM »
Talk us through this weeks game. What went wrong?  What went right?
Good evening,let's get to it, What went wrong? well let's see, first there was the distraction that came in the form of an owner losing his head. Next the media circus that followed on the practice field and in the locker room was enough to wear anyone down. Third, we lost our explosive young RB Daniel Collins for a few weeks early in the game. Finally, right before our game it's announced that the team is up for sale. All i have to say is that I apologize to the men in that locker room who had to endure endless questions about the state of the franchise. I wish I could apologize for the actions taken but no one ever looks to be attacked for making the rights moves for the franchise, so I can't apologize for someone else's actions.

Give us an evaluation of the first half of the season for your team, who has stood out both good and bad?
Real simple, we are a young team progressing in the right direction. The plays some of these young players are making let's me know we will be alright. These rookies are adjusting quickly but at times the speed of the game catches up. It happens to the very best players on that field and the fact that these young guys like Cavanaugh, Evans and Mazza just to name a few are balling is a great thing. I personally don't feel any one person is under performing for us but as a whole we need to do a lot better. Against a very good Oakland team we went out there and lit them up from start to finish. I understand with the circus in town this past week things got crazy but to only manage 12 first downs in a game against a winless team in which we went to overtime against is inexcusable. We need to do a better job in being consistent.

With where you sit in the standings, how do you feel about your chances of meeting your owners expectations and how do you grade your performance as GM?
What owner?(Looks around the room) Listen, I am not going to lie as far as expectations go, honestly I felt like some of the expectations contradicted themselves. I was put behind the eight ball because I made moves Crowe didn't like. I am a GM and I was brought in here to do a Job. Despite who I traded during last years draft the players I got back have been balling. Duckett, Ash and Larue have done an excellent Job like I expected. Hell, even the new LB James Brown we just acquired earned a defensive player of the game this past week. Yeah, I kind of know what I am doing here. I don't need the approval of sports analyst and other GM's around the league I surely don't care about anyone's grade of me. Grades are for everyone to give and debate over talk shows and sporting news. Now expectations, let's talk about expectations, I was told "raise fan support", "go .500 at home", "improve our record" and oh "by the way, you can't trade". To have to try and wheel and deal and then after hours of negotiating, going back and fourth to have to try and now convince your owner to let you make a trade is absolutely mind numbing and exhausting. That doesn't sound like an owner who wanted a GM, it sounds like an owner who wanted to be the GM himself. I think I speak for all GM's when I say as a GM we need room to grow, space to breathe and move about. We need lead way to put our vision to task. well, I won't beat a dead horse, he is no longer here and now we wait and see and move on.

Who is your league-wide Mid-season MVP?  Who has been the most surprising under performer?
I don't know if any one player stands out to be a league wide MVP just yet but if I cast my vote now I would make co-mvp's our young talented corner backs we have right here in Atlanta, James Cavanaugh and Eric Evans. As far as under performer goes, I think that honor is shared with  the entire Alabama and Michigan teams. When you think about all the pompous big winded sports analyst on their TV shows, podcast and editorials they already crowned those two teams the division hands down and now to see them struggling you wonder if the lights got to bright for them last year.

Which of your division rivals has surprised you the most? How and Why?
Charlotte, simply because of how quickly their team gelled. Expansion teams usually take a few years to get off the ground because guys need to learn how to play together as a team

Talk to us about your upcoming game this week.  What will be the key to victory?
This week we face New Jersey and all I will say is that I like our chances.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 27, 2018, 07:45:35 AM »
(Enters the Locker room)

Gentlemen, This isn't easy standing here looking like this. It hurts both my pride and jaw to talk. I know the talks and the whispers going on. I see the looks, smirks and how people look away as if though they are embarrassed of me. I don't know if anything was justified from where I stand or where Mr. Crowe stood and I won't sit here and make excuses and try and defend myself against the actions of a man who thought it was more important to run up on me from behind and take me out and put his franchise on the line.

We are all in this together. Stephen and Christopher were great players for this team and strong leaders and when I acquired Stephen and decided not to trade Chris in the off season I figured to have them on this team as we moved forward. But please know, as talented as we are, we are not done building our team. You gentlemen have been playing your hearts out and you have shown the league your potential last game vs Oakland. But the truth is for those of you who are standing here, as someone who has the task of putting this team in it's best possible position for now and the future I had to make those moves. I know as a player when you see other great talents leaving the team you are playing for you question the direction of the team. But let me say to you that our number one goal is still to win. I feel we are still as talented and dangerous on that field. So with all that went on this during our bye week, with the owner losing his head while trying to take mine off, the board of trustees looking to sell the team, I know you start to ask yourself, What the hell are you doing here. We are still a team gentlemen. We are still Warriors. We are still an organization. No matter if we play in Atlanta or on the goddamn moon, we are still a team. You still have to look to your left and your right and realize those men standing side by side are your brothers on that field. What ever the future holds now, know that it holds it for us together. I am as much as part of this teams legacy now moving forward as you are but do not let me downplay the fact that you all are much more important than I am. If any one of you were gone from this team we would feel it on the field, If I were gone you all would still be together playing just as hard. I want everyone to know that though your job is not easy on that field and much more harder than my job will ever be but please understand my job is still not an easy one. Please know I have been upfront, honest and respectful to everyone in this room and nothing will change. I want to thank you gentlemen for your continued hard work and all I ask is that we keep the focus on our goal of winning today.


Depth Chart

Move LB Van Buren to #1 and move LB James Brown to #2

Move DE Scott Larue to #1 Move DE Andrew Lovejoy to #2

Everything else stays the same as the last game

Lock In

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 27, 2018, 07:37:24 AM »
I appreciate your honesty. I know some guys relish the C and some guys just want to play ball. Well, regardless, thank you and keep doing your thing.


Ms Watson, gonna go ahead and lock this down.

« on: June 26, 2018, 12:59:46 AM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL

@REALT-Bone @StrikeGuy2K18 Well, if someone did that for me, THANK YOU! that took time, possibly twice as long since they did the same for Ms. Strike guy but I guess you didn't notice. #getupoffit

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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 25, 2018, 11:17:10 PM »
Great, that's good news going forward. We are going to be playing the offense a lot like we did against Oakland and we are going to need those boys to step up. I'll let you get back to work but that was definitely some good news.


Ms Watson can you get me Scott Larue


Mr. Larue, wanted to bring you in here first to thank you for the level of play you have been showing off week in and week out. Second, Now that Chandler is no longer here I wanted to ask you how do you feel about putting that C on your jersey and being the captain we now need on the D-line.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 24, 2018, 11:36:03 PM »
I hear you, Well I'm going to let you head out and get some work outs in while I wait for my food.


Ms Watson can you get me AC Kevin Corral


Mr. Corral, first let me start by saying your experience on the O-line is really starting to show out there in those young guys. I know Redd was dealing with some hamstring issues earlier on. How is he and the rest of our rookies on the o-line coming along.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 24, 2018, 09:28:34 PM »
It's nothing, A black eye, some swelling and discoloration. Most of the damage came when my face hit the floor and busted me open after I was blind sided. That shot completely dazed me and unfortunately for me it made it seem as if though old man Crowe laid waist to me. It is what it is. It's unfortunate that he couldn't let me do the job he brought me in here to do. He risked it all to prove what? Mr. Lawrence, these bruises are a reminder to everyone that no matter if you do the wrong thing or the right thing someone will always be out there to try and put you down and sometimes it will come from the people least expected. I refuse to stay down. Now, back to business. Let's talk legend, those two plus 50 yard field goals you made is what Legends are made of. Keep it that up and you might be writing your own legendary legacy in the HIFL. Now, you said something about hamburgers and made me hungry, I'm ordering some food from Atlanta's best burger place "Grindhouse killer burgers" you want anything?

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 24, 2018, 02:04:51 PM »
Ms. Watson can you get me K Wendall Lawrence


Great game against Oakland. You made some pretty big kicks for us and I wanted to let you know your clutch play has not gone unnoticed. You've come up big this season. I wanted to thank you and tell you keep up the solid work. It's a relief to know we can get within 50 yards and put up points.

« on: June 24, 2018, 09:04:14 AM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL

@StrikeGuy2K18 Explain "Gross. Incompetence. At. Every. Level"  WE HAVE THE SAME RECORD! Stay in your lane son or you might be looking for a job before me, NOW, Visualize me dropping the mic.

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« on: June 24, 2018, 08:58:42 AM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL

@StrikeGuy2K18 If saying I like and prefer women offends you, then you must be that special kind of snowflake folks down here in the south speak about.

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« on: June 24, 2018, 08:52:34 AM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL

@StrikeGuy2K18 You do know misogyny means a dislike of women, clearly my statement was the exact opposite, unless you feel disliked, then that explains a lot. Those who try and sound smart usually sounds the most stupid.

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« on: June 23, 2018, 09:20:32 PM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL

@StrikeGuy2K18 @GMKirkRules @AdamWrongOfficial Please, can't have all three of you girls on this ride at once. Only real women ride Mt.Lucas!!!

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« on: June 23, 2018, 08:37:41 AM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL

Got attacked for relieving 29 Mil in salary for next season, acquiring 2 S11 1st rounders, adding comparable replacements w/ expiring contracts and a potential stud on the 0-line  + future draft picks.

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« on: June 23, 2018, 07:21:04 AM »

Xavier Lucas @xavierlucasHIFL

Just a stupid black eye. Some ask what my next legal steps are? Well everyone has a bad day, don't know why Crowe blindsided me. Would have went toe 2 toe if asked. Maybe my next step is 2 buy the TEAM!.

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High Impact Football League Information / Re: TRADE DISCUSSIONS
« on: June 21, 2018, 11:11:33 AM »

The St. Paul Lynx and the Atlanta Warriors announce the following trade:

Atlanta gets:
LB - James Brown ($2.5mm)
St. Paul S11 1st Round Pick
Future Considerations*
C - Ponch Estrada (From St. Paul's Minor League team to Atlanta's Minor League Team)

St. Paul gets:
LB - Stephen Leake ($18.5mm - with Atlanta keeping $16mm of S10 Salary and all of his PR)
Atlanta 7th Rounder
Future Considerations**

High Impact Football League Information / Re: TRADE DISCUSSIONS
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:46:00 PM »
Oakland gets
Christopher Chandler  (Atlanta retains salary/PR for remainder of season)

Atlanta gets
Andrew Lovejoy (OAK retains salary for remainder of season)
S11 Oakland 1st round
S11 Oakland 6th round


Forum Games / Re: WWE Prediction Contest: Money in the Bank 2018
« on: June 16, 2018, 06:33:22 AM »
I'm in.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nia Jax (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

Carmella (c) vs. Asuka

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Elias

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

Braun Strowman vs. Finn BŠlor vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe vs. TBA (Big E, Kofi Kingston, or Xavier Woods)

Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks


The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan) (c) vs. The Club (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)


Which match opens up the show? Lashley vs Zane

Will there be a cash-in at the event (YES OR NO): YES

First wrestler to set-up the ladder underneath the hanging brief case in the MMITB match? Bobby Roode

Last women to enter the WMITB match? Lynch

First person to get counted by the ref in Last Man Standing match (STYLES, NAKAMURA, or BOTH)? Nakamura

Guess the longest match (closest gets the point)? 29:45

Guess the shortest match (closest gets the point)? 3:45

Which match closes the show? Men's MITB

Guess the announced attendance (closest gets the point) 19657

How many total seconds do all the matches on the main card equal out to (closest gets the point)? 10, 101

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 14, 2018, 10:03:16 AM »
Ms. Watson, considering we are nearly mid way through the season. I would like a quick rundown of our budget if possible. With the trade deadline quickly approaching it would be  in our best interest to see how much flexibility we have.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 12, 2018, 08:50:51 PM »
I knew about the Oakland connection but I wanted to send a message that as long as they give us no chance we will give our players every chance to shine, we will not stop, we will not quit. I appreciate what you did because that is style I want to play. When we are up by that much, don't let the foot off the gas. Now we have a bye week which is great. We need Pitts to get healed. I'll let you get started coach.

General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ATLANTA WARRIORS
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:31:22 AM »
At first I was a little shocked because you don't often see that but then I thought back to week 1 when Alabama kept pouring it on with their starters. I remember how upset I was but ultimately realized that if we didn't want them to keep scoring we had to stop them. No one seemed to bat an eye about it and we moved on. Maybe because I am the GM of Atlanta there's some bias but I see this being a bit different. Alicea is our number 2 QB. He often doesn't have the opportunity to showcase himself. He is a talented individual who I know deep down would love to be starting for a team. We were playing in what you all call garbage time and if the other team wasn't ready to fight to the clock struck zero then that is on them and their coaching staff for not preparing them to play 60 minutes. What you all call garbage time I call opportunity for guys who don't necessarily get the opportunity to shine for one reason or another. So if any of our players who don't start wish to go out there and prove themselves then by all means. So, to answer your question, no I do not have a problem. No one gave us a chance and when you keep hearing week after week how your team can't win, well that tends to resonate in the locker room. We have a group of hungry and talented individuals so  I would hope that when given the opportunity that every man in that locker room take it and run with it. 

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