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General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: TUCSON STARS
« Last post by Talon on February 18, 2019, 04:27:49 PM »

Dele has potential to play at linebacker but his height could hinder him a little.. Hart is less likely to transition well due to his lack of fluid agility to play in coverage when he'd be asked too, but still, before we cut them loose I think maybe we give them some looks at OLB here in the minors and try it out and see... I'll make the switch to a 3-4 Defense here to make it match the new scheme there in Tucson.
General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: ST. LOUIS STALLIONS
« Last post by Talon on February 18, 2019, 04:25:13 PM »

Only updates I have are the same as the injury report.
General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: PORTLAND BREWERS
« Last post by Talon on February 18, 2019, 04:24:38 PM »

Life is good man.. my service is a little iffy here on Vacation-isle though so I'm gonna let you go.
General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: MILWAUKEE BARONS
« Last post by Talon on February 18, 2019, 04:18:56 PM »

We're having the hiccups we expect as a still developing team, but outside of that I think we're playing very well in an overall sense.
General Manager's Office / Re: TEAM: VIRGINIA BEACH TIDE
« Last post by Talon on February 18, 2019, 04:16:36 PM »


1. Talk about the last series. What was the highlight of the weekend for you?

What a great weekend of baseball!  For us to come out and play three tightly contested games all weekend long not only keeps the energy level up but it also shows the character of our team to never give up even when the fatigue and exhaustion catches up with you.  When the pressure is on late in the rubber match of a series, real ballers rise to the occasion, and that is exactly what we saw when Josh stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth.  The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and the hustle of York to get home and beat the throw at the plate.. it was one of those highlights you take an extra moment to watch when you see them on sportcenter or on your instagram feed late in the evening.. It's what Tide Baseball is all about and that's why we came out with our second series victory of the season.  We took on a very good New Orleans team that has a lot of pop in their bats and our guys came out on top two out of three nights and that's the key to making the post season, win your series.

2. Talk about the incoming draft class, do you feel it's too early for players to have to choose this soon into the season on college or the pros? it makes me feel old to see DOB's in the 2000's in the draft pool I tell ya... but it's exciting to look to the future, but right now as a General Manager with Championship ambitions, I'm all in on the season we are playing right now.  We'll ease into the scouting process, we have staff for it, but I want to make sure we're doing what we can to win now before I start thinking about the off-season.   

As far as players declaring for the draft, clearly each of them has gone through their own thought process and decided if the time was right for them, but also these high school kids still have the opportunity to change their mind and go play college ball, so I don't think its my place or any other GM's place to judge what motivates a player to declare for the draft.

3. How do you feel about the potential changes the league is looking into?

I trust Commissioner Quist to make moves and decisions that have the best interest of the sport, the league, the teams, and the players in mind.  I'm hoping to see expanded playoff formats in the future because I've grown up believing nothing is more intense than a game 7 of a series, so if we can get to that point I'd be excited.  As for the USADA and drug testing policy updates, its a step in the right direction. We want a clean game that leaves no question that we are putting the most naturally gifted athletes on the field and playing the best baseball possible.  It sets the standard for the sport, it sends the right message to kids at home who aspire to be a PBL'er one day, and it makes sure that we are all held accountable for our decisions and actions.

4. Talk about any other news that sticks out to you?

It was great to see Johnny Baseball continue his great play for us, seeing him smack that homer over the right field wall into the Atlantic Ocean... man that was something to see.  Hoping the fans in their Kayaks out there enjoyed the show, we plan on putting a lot more balls over the right field wall this year.  The fans have really embraced Johnny, and he deserves the love he's getting.  He's a true baseball player and he is a guy who puts his nose to the grindstone week in and week out and he plays the game hard which is what you want to see from all of your guys, and I believe we have that from leadoff to 9-hole. I'm really a proud GM after two weeks, and that's a great feeling to have.

5. Talk about your opponent this week. What will be the key to victory?

A road trip up north to take on Brooklyn, the season is young but they've been off to a rough start.  We're going to have to have a show no mercy mentality this week and play hard.  We need to prove we can beat the teams we're "supposed" to beat and right now this is a match up we need to come out of with three wins if at all possible.

They have a great talent in Tony Esco at short stop who's giving them a lot of pop and we've given up some long balls to teams power hitters, so we'll have to limit our damage when and where we can but if we can keep his bat quiet I think we have all the tools to succeed.
General Manager's Office / Re: Jacksonville Sharks
« Last post by GM Gooch on February 18, 2019, 04:13:54 PM »
It's hard to say. This early in the season you can't tell what is happenstance or what are issues. I plan on talking to Coach after this and evaluating our first few games. I think we are going to show people that we are a force to be reckoned with.
General Manager's Office / Re: Denver Peaks
« Last post by GM Adam Wrong on February 18, 2019, 03:28:38 PM »
Good work to you sir! The team looks dominant. Any concerns?
General Manager's Office / Re: Memphis Jazz
« Last post by GM Eli on February 18, 2019, 02:54:15 PM »
“First off, welcome. We’re excited to see the first few weeks of the SBA season get underway even though we didn’t have a game ourselves. To be honest we’re thankful for the extra few weeks of practice we’ve been able to get under our belts. There’s a lot of new pieces here this season and so the added time to just get used to the system and how our coaching staff wants to do things is a good thing. But make no mistake about it we’re itching to get on the court and play meaningful basketball. These guys are ready. We didn’t have to do anything to keep them motivated. This is a game they all love and they’re chomping at the bit.”
General Manager's Office / Re: Fort Worth Stars
« Last post by GM Justin on February 18, 2019, 02:50:40 PM »

"How do you feel about Cummings play?"
General Manager's Office / Re: Fort Worth Stars
« Last post by GM T-Bone on February 18, 2019, 01:40:25 PM »
" the Fort Worth Stars! I'm your host Thad Daddy Bone...and you're listening live from Press Room A in the Fort Worth Stars Athletic Facility. All guests appear via the team approved press pass they receive at the door, and you can follow us on twitter @FortWorthStars and you can follow me @REALT-Bone, and use the hashtag #FortWorthStars to follow the conversation online.

Now, I understand we have a host of questions that I need to answer today live and in studio. Can someone repeat the question I was asked when I walked in? Mhmm... "winless and the team can't shoot, what are my thoughts?"

Have you seen the arenas? The atmosphere is electric, and our games were sold out. I'll tell you what I think about the wins, or lack thereof. It's disappointing. I think we had a real shot at Jacksonville and Cheyenne, it just didn't work out. It's true that the shooting isn't what we want it to be. But for a young team who got no pre-season games, for two-thirds of a team whom's last action came in college, it's not bad. The off-ball abilities are already there. Shooting ability improves over time in young teams. I'd be worried if I had an older team that was winless. The Stars have nowhere to go but up, and soon we will be shooting for the stars ya dig?

I'm not trying to spin the BS around here. Our shooting has to get better, that much is certain. I just think that as a team we are set-up in a way that our shooting will improve naturally over the course of the season, and thus our win shares will also improve.

Alright, next question? The next question is sponsored by two-dollar shave club dot com. It's like dollar shave club, except double the dollar."
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