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The National Baseball League [NBL]
« on: July 08, 2014, 01:25:57 PM »

Moderator: Talon Wilkinson
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Sim-based: Yes
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(from thread: What is the NBL?)

Hello and Welcome,

If you have never played a game like the NBL before, here is a quick introduction to the game and how it functions.

Firstly, this genre of games is a sports management simulation, in which you the player are acting as a team's general manager.  You have a boss (the owner of the team) and you have employees (coaches and players).  In this game you must balance keeping your coaches and players happy, while making the moves necessary to achieve goals set for you by your teams owner.

How do you play?  It's simple.   Join a team during the off-season and begin assembling the roster how you see fit.  Interview coaches and decide who would be the best fit to be your Manager/Head Coach and your Bench/Assistant Coach.  Once you've signed your coaches to a contract you will begin either scouting, drafting, or signing players.
Scouting is a process in which your bench/assistant coach will give you a short evaluation of a players talents and how they will or won't fit in with your team.  Any player who is a free agent (without contract for another team) can be negotiated with (via their agent) to sign with your team, and you may also draft rookie players out of the amatuer draft. Any players undrafted will then become free agents.

In this game all you do is interact.  You talk with coaches, you talk with agents, you talk with players, and you answer questions from the media after each "week" of gameplay.  Remember though, every post you make has an impact on morale, every decision you make impacts fan support and your GM reputation.  The higher your reputation, the better chance of people seeing things your way, just like in the real world.

This game is designed for you to have to make tough decisions and deal with hard times (that is where the fun of it really comes in) so when you see a new story that makes you have to think about what you will do next, or a star player wants more money than you have to offer, put your thinking cap on and see what you can do.
This game is about creativity and critical thinking more so than it is about the X's and O's of baseball.  Remember there is no such thing as an unwinnable situation in this game, just because you don't figure out the way out of the scenario, doesn't mean it was unwinnable.

Play the game at your own pace and have fun, that is the key!  If you get fired, wait until a new team has an opening and sign up to continue the fun in the next season! 

Also, don't be afraid to ask other players for advice!
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