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The City-States
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# of Players: 10
Sim-based: Yes to a degree
Sim-Used: Custom
Poser/Real Pictures: Poser

City-states is a game in which you control a state based loosely on ancient Greece. In a land ravaged by war, you must build your empire while fending off attacks from neighbouring states and nations.

The game is designed as to give the player much freedom in their decisions. Each decision effect not just their own city but the world around them. A player can choose to be as good or as evil as they wish with both routes having advantage and disadvantage.

Each state has leaders that bring advantages and disadvantages to their role. Their are generals, religious leaders, and city administrators who each have distinct personalities and characteristics.

In this game, there is benefit from establishing your character and playing the role of him. Knowing your strategy and playing to it is a lot funner in my opinion then trying to see what works. As one of the models of the game is Game of Thrones, the characters each have their own motives, goals, and needs that need to be met and will want to follow you as a leader only if they feel it is right for them.

The city management part is very simplified and is done based on your goals more-so then actual resource management. You will not be expected to read through spreadsheets on what your city is producing and what it's shortages are, your city admin will let you know the state of the city on an as need to know basis. The city management aspect of the game is strategic rather than laborious.

This game does have war in it as a central feature. The goal is to someday control all of Therew. How you do it is up to you. Whether it be through military, politics, finances, or expansion,  Therew is in YOUR hands!
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