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UFC Pick Em
« on: December 30, 2018, 05:33:25 PM »
Welcome to the 2019 UFC Pick Ems, the first go around these ESPNSPORTSIMS.NET parts but I ran this game (with help from Jon) for 7 years on the old MFX sites and hopefully we have enough interest to run them here too. A quick rundown of the rules:

~ Game runs from the first even in January until the last event in December.
~ No penalties for missing an event.
~ To avoid errors, event history will remain in the Games Forum for reference.


~ 1 point for correctly predicting the outcome
~ 1 point for correctly predicting the finish (if your outcome was right)
~ 1 point for correctly predicting the round (if your outcome was right)
For the purposes of this game DQ, TKO's & KO's will be counted as the same. Draws result in 0 points.


~ 2 points for correctly naming the "Fight Of The Night" (FOTN will be identified as the UFC's official FOTN in which both fighters receive bonuses, if FOTN goes to a fight that we weren't predicting there will be no bonus)
~ 1 points/per for correctly selecting fighters who are awarded "Performance Of The Night". Occasionally there are no performance of the night bonuses given, but to keep it uniform each pick em entry will have TWO POTN predictions.
~ 3 points for correctly predicting THREE fights dead on (i.e. Right outcome, finish & round)
~ 6 points for correctly predicting FIVE fights dead on (i.e. Right outcome, finish & round)


2019 -- TBA