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# of Players: 10
Sim-based: Kind of
Sim-Used: Different randomizers and integers
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[from topic Welcome to Survive]

It's been seven years. Over 2500 days since the first recorded case of infection. Nobody really knows what happened, what caused it. All we know is that we're still here. We're surviving.

But we need your help. There are ten civilizations looking for leadership. Ten groups of survivors out on the open road, that need someone to look out for them, to protect them from zombies and other people alike.

Please. Help them.

Save them...


Everybody has the opportunity to apply for a survivor camp. The camps know what they want, and they won't settle until they think they've found the right fit. Each group of survivors starts out with ten regular survivors. These are the people you must protect. It is your job to build the best team, find the best resources, the best equipment, and help these people survive.

Each group of survivors also has someone already in a minor leadership role, who just isn't equipped to lead the charge. Instead, they will be your assistant, helping you with your to do list among other things.

You will be able to hire several people with different abilities that will help your cause. These are people passing through, skilled at different survival techniques, that wouldn't mind settling down for a while for a slice of your rations and a certain amount of valuables, the currency of the apocalypse.

The eleven people already in your camp, as well as the seven people you hire, have certain skills and attributes when the game begins. Attributes are five things that effect your survivors, and it is your job to check in on them to make sure that they are being taken care of. Your survivors could die if unchecked, your mercenaries could leave you. Skills on the other hand are five things that influence your survivors effect on survival. Four your survivors, these numbers can develop over time as they gain experience in the different fields.

The attributes are known as the Five H's; Hunger, Hydration, Hygiene, Happiness, and Health. Hunger is kept in check by food, Hydration by water, Hygiene by toiletries, Happiness by entertainment among other things, and Health can be affected by a number of things, including drops in the other four attributes.

The skills are known as the Five F's; Fight, Flight, Find, Fix and Follow. These are your survivors ability to fight physically, flee and/or hide, find things while on supply runs or hunting etc, fix things be it weaponry, injuries, etc. and the ability to follow the mercenary they are assigned to work with.

The other two things you must worry about are the Two A's, a person's Attack and Armor. These numbers are effected by items and supplies given to a person.

To take care of these duties, you're going to have to make decisions and send your people on tasks. Be it supply runs, hunting, or other types of jobs. Each of your ten survivors will be assignable, and they have the ability to become skilled in certain areas, but some might not be cut out for specific jobs. And your jobs will only be successful if sent under the correct guide you hired. If you send two survivors hunting with someone who is skilled in supply runs, you might not kill much.
[The game is also very open, feel free to try tasks that might not be listed, if it'd be too difficult to incorporate I'll let you know, but if it's not it could be a fun addition.]

Aside from day to day duties, your camp will come into contact with other issues. Some might become profitable, others might be dangerous. For example, one day a horde might come across your camp, and if you aren't prepared your camp may fall. Another day, a group of five survivors might stumble into your camp, if you have the resources to let them in you might want to... But you never know, they could be cannibals. Yet another day you could hear something in the bushes; could be a zombie, or maybe it's a wild horse.
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