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« on: October 23, 2014, 01:39:29 PM »
Here will be a list of all notable characters in the HIFL Universe
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Commissioner: Talon Wilkinson

Commissioner's Assistant: Kate Moreno

Financial Officer: Riley Payton

Player Relations Manager: Jennifer Baker

League PR Relations Officer: Maryse Dupont


Mongo E. Woods - Alabama
Ping Pong Champion, and Former Alabama Football start turned owner after the retirement of his legendary father Bear Woods as owner/general manager.  Woods now has the reigns, but isn't the sharpest out there.

Pang Tong - New Jersey
CEO of Chinese Insurance Agency which originally insured the New Jersey Dragons organization before collecting the team as payment of the organization's debt at the start of Season 5.

Barbara Snow - St. Paul
Daughter of legendary Minnesota offensive lineman Viking Snow who founded the St. Paul Lynx after a hall of fame pro football career.  Former PR secretary for the team, now acting as the owner.

Hershell Kiss - Washington, DC
Chocolate Manufacturing Tycoon turned football owner, loves the sweet scores.

Matt Adores - Orlando
Legendary Pro Golfer who was exiled from the sport after nasty playboy lifestyle revealed on ESPN expose.  Rebuilding his image as a football owner.

Behr Danzer - Kansas City
"Native" American owner of the "Sky Bear Casino" in Jackson City, Missouri who has used his earning from the Casino to buy a football team and continue to bring in revenue for his tribe, moved the team to Kansas City in Season 8.

Knott Sting - Las Vegas
Rumored to be a former legendary professional wrestler who disappeared after owning the mob money, but in reality is the owner of the Stinger Casino and Resort in Las Vegas.

Timothy Meer and Putnam Whart - Lincoln
Duo of Lion Tamers who left the circus to begin raising Lions for Zoos.  Turned their profits into a football endeavor.

Koba Caeser - Oakland
Former Hip-Hop Hype Man and USC standout football player at Wide Receiver.  Invested his earnings from his one hit wonder single "Pound Yo Chest" into a football team to avoid blowing the money and going bankrupt.

Ace Profits - Cleveland
Real Estate Tycoon and Businessman who purchased the Pearl Harbor Predators franchise in 2016.

Big Al Crowley - Tucson
Arizona bail bondsman with a reputation for getting physical.  A fan of fine moonshine and digging Coal.

Neil Cohen - Long Beach
Social Media Pioneer and Self-Made Billionaire.

Aaron King - Music City
Rock and Roll Legend who is considered the King of Music City. Looking to build a dynasty.

Barbara Baracuda - Atlanta
Business woman and investor, former minority owner and board member.

Lance Alloutte - San Antonio
French Native known for his empire built on the sales of Mid-eval Artifacts and Major Mid Eval LARP events.

Bobby Burns - Rapid City
Famed TV Show Host from "Burning Money"

Vanessa Waters
Fashion Designer and Hotel Heiress

Graham Masters - Winnipeg
venture capitalist and "junk master" famous for turning any failing business into gold.

Arnold Reigns - Seattle
Former Action Movie hero turned Politician, turned Sports Owner in both NBL and HIFL

Willy Freeman - Miami
Cuban immigrant turned cigar shop owner who has become famous for his signature stogie.

John McFadden - St. Louis
Championship winning head coach turned Team Owner and founder of the hit video game franchise "McFadden"

Lena Cersei - Charlotte
...The Queen of the Queen City.

Ian Paul Allen - Portland
Massively popular Craft Beer brewery founder nicknamed "Mr. IPA" notorious for his witty branding that puts playful beer-pun spins on famous people and events.

Carmine Barone
World Famous Stunt Pilot and Fighter Pilot Instructor, Flying under the call-sign "Red"

Benjamin "Blue" Wallace - Alabama
An Tong - New Jersey
Elsa Frozen - St. Paul
Lolly Pops - DC
Darlene Abusah - Orlando
Shay Brown - Kansas City
Penelope Sting - Las Vegas
Kiara Kovu - Lincoln
Fine Dossey - Oakland
Ivanka Profits - Cleveland
Melissa Rosario - Tucson
Ariel Mera - Long Beach
Princess Twang - Music City
Xenia Watson - Atlanta
Maggie Dame - San Antonio
Ashley Smolders - Rapid City
Rose Callie - Michigan
Val Diamond - Winnipeg
Starr Bucks - Seattle
Selina Wells - Miami
Danielle Blair - St. Louis
Daenerys Mormont  - Charlotte
Audrey Hopburn - Portland
Carmine Barone Jr. - Milwaukee
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Mike "Money" Maker is one of the power players in the agent business.  Mike prides himself on getting his client the most money possible and he's good at delivering the goods.  Mike is considered by many as the top agent in the industry.

Drew Leventhal is more calm than Mike Maker, but he is also more stern and will hold his ground when making contractual demands.  Drew is quickly becoming the top name in the industry behind "Money Maker" and some would even say his quality of clientele is enough to push him up to that same top tier in the business.

Jay C   is a hip-hop mogul turned agent, representing only the highest of celebrity names in the industry.  Jay C is not only looking for big money but also big promotion (PR).  While he speaks in rhymes most of the time, the man is a shrewd negotiator and would be considered one of the best in the business, if he wasn't so selective of his clientele.   

Deion Hester is a legend in the football world.  "Late Night" has a way with words and can convince his clients of just about anything, but he also knows the business enough to know when to compromise.  He's a players agent, through and through.

Scott Forrest is one of the toughest negotiators in the business.  He is known for his signature approach.  Play out your rookie deal and then test the open market and allow the market to set itself in Free Agency.  Forrest's clients will very rarely sign early or during the Exclusive Rights Period.  Be ready to bid on his boys.

Eli Harris Not one for the small talk, Eli Harris is known for his "one counter" style of negotiating.  When dealing with Mr. Harris bring your best offer early because he will allow one counter to his clients desires and if it is not up to par the conversation is over, there is no going back and accepting the previous offer, if you counter and fail, they walk away.

Bobby Shapiro Quirky and a bit over the top, Bobby Shapiro is a ladies man who spends as much time drooling over secretaries as he does working on contract negotiations.  He is quick to make enemies however, so be careful what you say to this boastful agent, it could get you on the black list...

Anthony Campanelli is New York's finest agent... Don't be a wiseguy with this paisan though or you might wake up with a horse head in your sheets... Fuggettaboutit!

David Ames is a former power agent who now spends his time hoping you will show his clients whatever money they deserve.  He's not a power player anymore, but he recognizes talent.  Do right by him and he'll do the same with you.

Steve Rosenhaus is a big name from South Florida.  Great friends with a lot of the old boys at "The U" in Miami, Rosenhaus is a smooth talker who is looking to take trouble players on and get them the deals they deserve.  He's all about making deals and getting his guys into the best positions to succeed and to have fun while doing it, baby.

James T. Crain   is the strangest agent the sports world has ever seen.  Hailing from Far Point, California he brings his Enterprise to the HIFL in hopes of beaming up the right talent and making a few new friends along the way.  He's odd, he's illogical, and he's likely to offend you, but remember... he is THE Con-tract Negotiator!

Amber Molina is a Texas based agent who is working hard to break into the boys club that is sports agency.  She is defensive of her minority status in the business and she is also quick to let a GM fall out of favor.  Keep her happy or she might just let you have a piece of her mind..

LaVar Jackson  The Big Baller Himself, LaVar represents his sons and is expanding his sports empire into anyone who considers themselves a "big baller."  Working to attract the flashy names and the big egos, The BBB-team is sure to comprise of explosive yet volatile personalities.

John Raymond The Advocate of Waylon Hagan, John Raymond has mastered the one-year power deal, but as he branches out to other clients he has shown the ability to get a good deal for his players no matter what their off-field history tends to say about them.

Kelvin Hart  A fresh face on the football scene, Kelvin Hart has been working with mid-level and fringe upper level stars in basketball for the past several years.  He is persistent and has a knack of getting his way.  The pint-sized negotiator is not one to insult however, his temper and self-consciousness about his height is well documented.

Francisco Bien Power broker out of Mexico, Francisco has quickly risen to power among the elite of the International Football Market. His willingness to travel to training camps around the globe and speak the language of his clients has helped quickly make him a player to be known in the Agent market.  Little is known of his negotiation style and tactics, but it is well know that he favors the World Cup circuit over pro-leagues, and will not hesitate to talk to his clients about moving to their national club if things go south.
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Security Bob - League-wide Security Officer

Security Carl - League-wide Security Officer 

The Janitor - Custodial Staff for the League

Benjamin Snyder - Top Player Attorney in the League

Lauren Phillips - HIFLPA Attorney

Michael Clayton - HIFL League Office Attorney

Ted The Lawyer - Not the Top Attorney in the League
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