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« Reply #100 on: February 26, 2018, 10:04:47 PM »
Well....well...well.  There I was, just like any die hard HIFL fan...waiting patiently for the preseason games to approach so that we can get our football addiction.  I've dabbled in things such as quilting, knitting, and crossword puzzles to help the time pass by.  BOOM! Then it happened, S10 got off to a crazy start with three big trades in one day.  And since I am America's greatest armchair general manager, here is my take...

Atlanta/Music City

Coach and new interim GM Crowder has decided to start a rebuild and made some big names available.  One of those names was Erik Pitts who was quickly traded to Atlanta.  From the Kings standpoint this was all about gaining draft capital and clearing cap space.  Munoz is on an expiring contract and won't be brought back.  Creamer is a rookie and won't be a big part of their plans, but they will develop him and see what they get.  The big prize is the Warriors S11 2nd Round pick which is predicted to be a high pick.  The 3rd round pick is also valuable as plenty of talent is discovered in the third round.  From a franchise building process I like this move by Music City, but I believe they could have really competed this season. 

For Atlanta, this is a great pickup and a huge help for the maturation of their rookie QB, Thomas Mazza. Pitts and West present a great duo that will help make Mazza's job easier.  I don't like it from a salary cap standpoint as it eats into their cap for next season and it does nothing to help a secondary that can really use the help.

My winner of this trade is Music City.

Las Vegas/Music City

The biggest name on the block was Shane Barkley and Coach/GM Crowder knew that if he wanted to start the rebuild off right that Barkley was the key.  GM Justin made the move in the S7 draft to take Barkely and it has proven to be a move well worth it.  The obvious sexy allure for the Kings is the two first round picks which will give them three first round picks within the first 18 picks, in my estimation.  Not sure we will see another draft class like the S10 class, but with proper scouting Music City will be able to build a great foundation for the future.  To help bolster that foundation is the receipt of Paul Camacho.  While he may never be on the same talent level as Barkley, I believe he will develop into an eventual solid #1 that Music City can build their secondary around.  The trading of Ruiz is another cap move to bolster their spending in free agency. 

Critics give GM Metro a hard time because of his tendency to hoard draft picks, but this move proves their is a genius lying within his madness.  A Mullins, Barkley, and Mojica secondary is probably the best cornerback group in all of football now.  However, there are a couple of issues I see for GM Metro with this move.  First, this is giving up a lot for Barkley who might just end up being a rental.  Word is that Barkley will not commit to signing an extension at the moment.  If I were Shane, I wouldn't sign an extension either and wait for free agency.  Based on the Scorpions' cap concerns, they might not...possibly most likely, wouldn't be able to afford Barkely.  He could make a lot more in free agency.  Furthermore, while this helps bolster their defense, I still have concerns about their offense. Specifically, I'm not sold on Shelley at QB and their offensive line could use some help.  I would have much rather seen Vegas go after Mark Prince instead of Barkley. 

I'm going to have to say that Music City won this trade as well.


Tombstone has hit a real rut in the franchise history.  GM Powers and his scandal, GM Justin and his reported meltdown, and now GM TJ II's disappearing act has left this franchise in a state of despair.  Al Crowley has given GM duties to his head coach who immediately made Kenny Johnson, DGB, and Gary Hunter available.  The interest in Hunter was huge, and for perfectly good reason, and GM Powers and the Michigan Monsters won his services.  Michigan's first round pick should be in the 16-20 range which along with Tombstone's pick will give the team two solid first round picks.  Furthermore, Tombstone receives two good LBs in return as well as free up some cap space.  This team is obviously in rebuild mode and this will help with that process.

I'm going to assume that GM Powers made a play for Shane Barkley, but missed out.  The addition of Hunter gives the Monsters the best LB duo in all of HIFL with Hunter and Steed.  This bolsters their front 7, but still leaves an average secondary.  I am of the belief that the secondary is still going to hurt this team because when the defense goes up against a solid offensive line that can block the front 7, the secondary is going to struggle.  I see what GM Powers was doing in regards to bolstering the defense, but I don't believe he really helped his team.  Barkley is what they really needed to put this team back into the Impact Bowl.  Furthermore, GM Powers has now put himself in a bind in regards to the salary cap and next season.  This is obviously a win-now move, but not one that is going to get him the win he wants.  This makes it harder to sign Giovanni Hill because I truly believe he tests free agency with the likes of New Jersey, Long Beach, Tombstone, possibly Miami, and possibly Vegas will raise the price of Giovanni Hill.  This move doesn't make a whole lot of since for Michigan from a future standpoint, considering the fact that adding Hunter doesn't upgrade their biggest weakness and now puts them in a financial crisis.

I believe Tombstone wins this trade. 

Okay, now I'm going back to learning how to quilt until the season starts.

GM Kirk

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« Reply #101 on: March 06, 2018, 03:04:35 AM »


Mark Hansen joins Sean Brosnan whilst trapped on the M62 by the "Beast From the East" for this first ever View From Across the Pond Podcast. The two undits run the rule over the revamped divions in season 10 and the likely prospects each team faces this season. They also talk overrated players, who's throwing in the towel before the season begins and who's seats are likely to feel warm by the end of the season. - The weather has affected the recording somewhat, but with perseverance and a stiff upper lip, the guys got the first episode in the can.

Sean Brosnan, Mark Hansen
The View From Across the Pond