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« on: September 05, 2016, 07:47:54 PM »
Starting Season 8:

A player who is injured for 4 or more weeks may be placed onto his teams' "DTR" list.  The DTR (Designated to return) will take the player off of the teams active roster, similar to the way the normal "Injured/Reserve" list does, with the ability to bring the player back later in the season when the player is healthy.

This rule is designed to allow a team to replace a player who has suffered an injury that will keep them sidelined for more than 1/4 of the league's 16 game regular season.  (4 games or more).

There are simple rules to follow when using the DTR.

- Only one player per team may be listed as Designated to Return at a time.

- Players may be moved from the DTR to the Injured/Reserve list, but may not be moved from the Injured/Reserve list down to the DTR.  (once a player is on the Injured/Reserve list they are DONE for the entire year).

- once a player is on the DTR they no longer count against the 40 man roster, meaning if they occupied a roster spot to comply with the league-minimum at a position, the player being signed to replace him would have to get the team's 40 man roster back in compliance with league position minimums.

- Upon the player being listed as healthy (no longer on the injury report at all), he must be brought off of the DTR list by way of a league office post, this is not optional, when the team doctors clear the player, he must be moved to the active roster, and the team must make the appropriate moves to get the 40 man roster back in compliance. This is THE only time a teams roster will be allowed to be over the roster cap of 40, and must be resolved before the team locks in for the next week of games.

Additional two new rules pertaining to the DTR/Practice squad have been added to the league as well.

- If a team cuts a player to make room for a returning DTR player, the player being cut will go through a 1 "game week" cycle on the waiver wire.  If any other team wishes to sign said player, they may PM a "waiver claim" on that player and will assume their current contract.  The conditions of this move are that the claimed player must remain on the team's active 40-man roster for the remainder of the season (unless injured and moved to the IR / DTR).  If no other team files a waiver claim on the player, he will be eligible to sign with any team (including the original cutting team) to join the practice squad or active roster.  Waiver order is determined by team record (worst record has #1 priority, best record has last, any ties will be settled by Head to head on the season, and if teams have not played or have tied, highest points allowed will win the waiver priority)

- Players who are on the practice squad may still be signed to another teams active roster, but once again, if signed from another teams practice squad, the player must remain on the signing teams active 40 man roster for the remainder of the season.
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