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PR Firms
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:33:20 PM »


Shot in the Dark PR and Consulting
Out of time?  Out of Ideas?  Well we've got fresh minds straight out of community colleges across country ready to put some of their minds to use in a hurry!  For just one easy payment of $5MM you can have all your PR commitments taken care of!  Now we can't guarantee they will all be winners, but that's why its called a shot in the dark!  Sometimes you hit big, sometimes you bomb hard... Interested?  Give us a call and talk to whatever intern happens to answer the phone! 

Always Average Advertising
At AAA we are always working hard to make sure you players and fans are not angry and hating their promotions.  With a qualified staff of writers and marketing professionals we guarantee that no player on your team will produce a RED reaction in PR.  We may even hit a home run from time to time, who knows!  AAA is here to help you get by.  Our rates are based on your players current PR commitments.  For 1/2 the price of your total player PR (rounded up to the nearest 500K) we will take care of all your PR commitments for the off-season.
Call today and ask for Average Joe!

Pinkerton Advertising Firm
We here at Pinkerton Advertising have never, EVER failed to get anything but a green response from fans and buys across the globe.  With over 24 years of marketing experience we have made some of the best stars turn into the icons they are today...
"Just Do it"  "Bo Knows" and "Protect This House" are just a few of the staples of a Pinkerton think tank, but we don't work cheap.
Hire the Pinkerton Advertising Firm to handle all of your off-season PR needs for $10MM in PR and we will ensure that everyone of your players is satisfied and your fans are eating up the merchandise... plus we won't book any of your clients on TV talk shows!   Want just one player?  Simply double their PR commitment cost and our experts will craft up an amazing PR campaign for them that they will love!
Call today and ask for Vincent or Valerie Pinkerton!
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