Author Topic: DRAFT STARTS TOMORROW  (Read 366 times)


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« on: March 01, 2017, 05:31:45 PM »
Alright, as I typed it in the shoutbox I realized the draft HAS to start tomorrow or it is going to be very drawn out and painful.

So, please submit any final PR money you need/want to spend and start getting your proxy lists lined up.  I just want a list for the round we are on (or approaching if mid-late in the current round) so don't feel like you have to give me 60 names because you dont draft until the 60th pick. Give me your top 20 and when they are gone, refill quickly or whatever youre comfortable with, you guys know I am not unreasonable.

If you wont be available, let me know so I can make your pick for you, if you want to wait and see about trading a pick let me know so I don't pick for you and ruin your trade. 

Draft rules are in the draft thread. 

If you are still in combine mode wrap it up, Ill keep going with it tonight and try to get it closed out.

Music City will be under my control until a GM impresses the owner enough to get the job, if that is not until after the draft starts then I will draft for the team even if a GM is hired mid-draft. 

The GM can start signing picks etc, but in an effort to keep the draft rolling smooth I'm not going to hand over control mid-way thru, especially since I was originally planning on handling 3 teams through the draft anyways.

Please be mindful of the picks you possess in this and the next draft. There is no forgiveness for improper trades and the PR penalty will hurt you if you are trading a pick you dont have for a pick another team has to give up for not doing their own homework. BOTH league office threads may have to be checked for trades (I go to PRINT tab on the page, then CTRL+F and type in S9 or S10, as well as checking for rounds, team nmaes etc to make sure I dont miss a trade).  The penalty is up to me, but is a minimum 1MM PR fine but I can promise you it will hurt more the more valuable the pick in question is.

Spell check, I do it from my phone, you can to.  "Im on my phone" doesn't work, even though these phones do try to sabotage all of us more often than not.

DONT DRAFT OUT OF TURN, remember the penalty for that hurts as well.  if you don't believe its your turn DONT DRAFT just because the shoutbox says you're up doesn't mean they are right.  Be smart.

More to come if I think of it... it's gym time.
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