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« on: May 29, 2019, 11:36:22 AM »

Roster Size

Starting Season 12 Rosters will no longer be capped at 40 players.  We will expand up to the full blown 53 man Roster.

Roster Requirements

Starting Season 12 all teams must field the following in regards to position minimums.

3 QB
3 RB
1 FB
2 TE
5 WR
3 OG
3 OT
2 OC

4 DT
4 DE
6 LB
5 CB
2 SS
2 FS

1 K
1 P

Roster Minimums

With 47 required slots, you have 6 remaining FLEX positions that can be allocated to any position of your choice.  Where in previous seasons teams could lock in without a full roster, with the expansion to a 53 man roster teams will now be required to field a 53 man roster at all times. (you can not lock in with less than 53 active players)  Yep, no more spending all your money and then leaving the flex spots open.  Manage your cap, its part of the challenge of the game.

Veteran Minimum Salary

As you probably have noticed during the season, fewer and few players have accepted the soup-kitchen $250K contract.  Well get used to it.  Veterans will no longer sign for less than $500K, and even then most will likely as for more.  Meanwhile Undrafted rookies will still sign for $250K.

After the mid-season point, contracts may be negotiated on a 1-year basis at a cheaper rate since half of the season's games have been played.

Rookie Wage Scale

Starting Season 12, the league will feature a tiered rookie wage scale.  While every year the pay could increase due to league salary inflation, this is the new general format for draft picks.  This setting is to help increase the value of draft capital and is expected to become the permanent format for the draft moving forward (ideally).

While cost of a player in a draft slot with be fixed, it will be up to the agent and GM to negotiate how the money is balanced.  As with previous years, an unsigned draft pick WILL NOT become a free agent unless the team that drafted him releases his rights to make him an unrestricted free agent.  This does not mean that the player can not sign in another football league outside of the HIFL's jurisdiction.

This new structure will also incorporate a new "4th year Option" into the First Round, allowing GM's to determine if they would like to  exercise a 4th year option clause that would retain a player drafted in the first round at a cost of the average cost of the top 15 players at his position that season.  If a team declines that option year, they retain no right to that player in the ERFA period.  This option year, just like the draft contract itself will be a total cost situation, meaning salary and bonus money will be calculated for the top 15 players at the same position, but the contract will be structured in a way agreed upon between player and agent.


ROUND 1: - 3 year contract (4th year team option @ avg of top 15 position players from year 3 season)
1st pick - $8MM
2nd - 5th - $7MM
6th - 12th - $6.5MM
13th - 24th - $5.5MM

ROUND 2: - 3 year Contract
1st - 12th - $5MM
13th - 24th - $4.5MM

ROUND 3: - 3 year Contract
1st - 12th - $4MM
13th - 24th - $3.5MM

ROUND 4: - 3 year Contract
1st - 12th - $3MM
13th - 24th - $2.5MM

ROUND 5: - 2 year Contract
1st - 12th - $2MM
13th - 24th - $1.5MM

ROUND 6: - 2 year Contract
1st - 12th - $1.25MM
13th - 24th - $1MM

ROUND 7: - 2 year Contract
1st - 12th - $750K
13th - 24th - $500K

UNDRAFTED FREE AGENTS: - 1 year Contract

- All UDFA's will be signing for $250K

The Future of Minor League Contracts, Assistant Coaches, and The Scouting Director

With the expansion of the rosters, the minor league will be a thing of the past. the short lived experiment didn't help me the way I thought it was and eventually just became a giant practice squad.  So it is gone.

The minor league players under contract at the end of this season can be released at no cost to the team, OR have their contracts converted to main-roster contracts. 

Scouting Director/Minor League Coaches are now released from their contracts and free agents in the coordinator/coaching realm and the same will apply to your assistant coach, unless you have a job opening and promote them within your organization.

In other words, Starting in Season 12, you will only have a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Defensive Coordinator.  You may seek options to temporarily bring in a "specialist" during training camp to help build a skill for a player or position group via bonus money spending, but there are no more assistant coaches.

The Future Of Scouting

Starting Season 12 - Scouting will be changed forever.

There will be 1 type of scouting with four options of which professional scout to use for that information.

The Scouts will be announced at a later date, with details of their areas of expertise.

All scouting costs will be as follows:


FILM STUDY (information on players skill set) - $500K

BACKGROUND CHECK (information on players personality) - $750K

OR - you can get both at the same time for $1MM

Scouting will be allowed from the time to draft class is announced to Start of the Scouting Combine, and then for a short period of time after the Combine prior to the start of the draft.  The Post-Combine scouting will increase in cost by 250K for each task/bundle.

Combine costs will remain the same as previous seasons.

Additional Changes

The league salary cap for Season 12 will be raised up to $210,000,000.00 ($210MM) while the Bonus Pool cap will remain at $50,000,000.00 ($50MM)