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Team Sponsors
« on: January 20, 2018, 11:06:12 AM »
Alright, for the past several seasons we've had various sponsorship opportunities to reward GM's for some creative thoughts in the form of PR money an/or small boosts based on the pitch request.

However, moving forward I want the PR and Salary Caps to be the same for all teams, meaning any extra PR you receive from your owners (via contracts) or from sponsors will only be made available in the off-season.

That PR can be used for scouting, for bidding on international players (posting fees), and for recruiting pitches and the like during your ERFA and UFA periods.  Teams can still trade PR with each other, but that will be the only way to acquire additional PR relief during the regular season going forward.

There will be some regulation to the sponsorship model going forward as well.  Each team will be allowed ONE sponsor for Stadium Naming Rights which will provide PR money that you can use in the following off-season.

Each team will also be allowed ONE sponsor that will provide some sort of perk or benefit.  That could be a training camp to facilitate prospects to the teams minor league affiliate (available for signing during ERFA), or that could be a number of other ideas you may think of on your own.  Some examples of other teams past usages are:
- Team medical facility upgrades to help accelerate injury recovery. 
- enhanced film room to help team gameplan better
- upgraded private jet to help team morale on road games and assist with endurance recovery

These are just a few ideas, this is where you can get creative and if I like it and its something I can do, then we can do it.

Your reputation, job security, and team's prestige and trajectory will directly impact the success of your pitch.  If you're 1-15 the year prior, you're not going to score a big prestigious endorsement, so keep your expectations tempered.
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