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DIY All-Star Teams
« on: July 21, 2018, 12:27:02 AM »
I thought about how I would go about selecting an all-star team, and then I spent a couple hours of work, so I decided to share it. I gave myself some additional criteria to work with than Jon and Kirk had, to try and make the selections less prone to any biases I may have. Each team gets a minimum of two all-stars, preferably one on each side of the ball. I started assembling my teams by picking the top two players on each team statistically, based on mid-season stats. So for example on offense I picked Mariota over Luce because Mariota is higher on his top 10 list than Luce is. I did this for every team (where possible). Some teams did not have any statistical leaders, in which case I picked the best player available. If I had ties, then I picked players with more experience. Except in one spot, I did not select players from the same team and same position, so yeah, Cobb got snubbed big time. (And MC got two WRs because I used WR5 on both teams as KR/PR) I also have 41 player teams, because I wanted an extra lineman. Oh well. (I also originally was gonna pick a FB, but that was a copout) I also did not pick players who announced they would not play.

Anyway, I'd invite any idiot with some time to spare to come up with their own all-star teams.

I ended up with some interesting team compositions.

QB1 - K. Daley (SA)
QB2 - M. Mariota (KC)
RB1 - C. Allen (TUL)
RB2 - L. Bell (STL)
RB3 - C. Barbour (OAK)
TE1 - E. Asheworth (RC)
WR1 - T. Large (LB/LIN)
WR2 - M. Hodge (LB/LIN)
WR3 - S. Simon (SA)
WR4 - L. Gordon (POR)
WR5 - J. Young (PR/KR) (OAK)
LT1 - D. Ford (POR)
RT1 - W. Arreola (SEA)
T2 - L. Stevens (SA)
LG1 - C. Beal (LINC)
RG1 - P. Schmitt (OAK)
G/C  - S. Harwell (TOMB)
C1 - H. Ham (LV)
C2 - R. King (SA)

DT1 - W. Mayo (LV)
DT2 - T. Wilkinson II (OAK)
DT3 - B. Elliot (STL)
DE1 - A. Matthews (KC)
DE2 - D. Bright (STL)
DE3 - J. Fellows (LB)
LB1 - E. Edward (LINC)
LB2 - G. Goulet (LV)
LB3 - D. Roberge (TOMB)
LB4 - M. Jack (SA)
LB5 - M. Oliver (TUL)
CB1 - M. Lightner (SEA)
CB2 - J. Porter (STL)
CB3 - A. Lightner (RC)
CB4 - D. Nelson (LINC)
CB5 - J. Kirk (POR)
SS1 - Roy Roberts (OAK)
SS2 - J. Upton (RC)
FS1 - E. Kopp (KC)
FS2 - M. Williams (SA)
K - B. Ortiz (SA)
P - D. Kenyon (STL)

QB1 - M. Patton (ORL)
QB2 - G. Hill (MICH)
RB1 - E. Elliot (CLE)
RB2 - A. McCaffery (STP)
RB3 - D. Collins (ATL)
TE - L. Herzog (DC)
WR1 - C. Soriano (MICH)
WR2 - X. Best (ORL)
WR3 - M. Grover (MC)
WR4 - S. Jackson (MIL)
WR5 - J. Van Driver (PR/KR) (MC)
LT1 - A. Smith (DC)
RT1 - J. Worthington (MIA)
T2 - R. Andrade (MIL)
LG1 - P. Cruz (CLT)
LG2 - J. Howes (MIL)
G/C - J. Johnson (NJ)
C1 - L. Graff (BAMA)
C2 - M. Si'Lo'Ha (DC)

DT1 - P. Sanderson (BAMA)
DT2 - M. Jackson (MIA)
DT3 - T. Stacy (MC)
DE1 - W. Hagan (STP)
DE2 - B. Wilkinson (BAMA)
DE3 - D. Freese (MIA)
LB1 - L. Stevens (DC)
LB2 - G. Hunter (MICH)
LB3 - S. Leake (STP)
LB4 - M. Cervantes (ORL)
LB5 - M. Alvarado (CLE)
CB1 - B. McCallister (CLE)
CB2 - M. Tripp (MIL)
CB3 - L. Keefer (NJ)
CB4 - E. Evans (ATL)
CB5 - J. Holt (ORL)
SS1 - R. Dotson (CLT)
SS2 - C. Hawkins (CLE)
FS1 - M. Polamalu (CLT)
FS2 - A. Roderick (STP)
K - R. Rodriguez (MIA)
P - L. Thompson (BAMA)