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SBA Agents
« on: July 26, 2018, 05:15:39 PM »

Nigel Falls is The Power Agent.  Represents some of the biggest names in the game.  He supports his clients 100% and expects top dollar.

Mike "Money" Maker is one of the power players in the agent business.  Mike prides himself on getting his client the most money possible and he's good at delivering the goods.  Mike has made the move to represent both HIFL and SBA players.

Annalise is all that she goes by and just as she goes by one name, there is only one word to describe her....TOUGH.  She might not represent the biggest stars, but she fights for her clients and drives a hard bargain.

Eli Harris Not one for the small talk, Eli Harris is known for his "one counter" style of negotiating.  When dealing with Mr. Harris bring your best offer early because he will allow one counter to his clients desires and if it is not up to par the conversation is over, there is no going back and accepting the previous offer, if you counter and fail, they walk away.

Steve Rosenhaus is a big name from South Florida.  Great friends with a lot of the old boys at "The U" in Miami, Rosenhaus is a smooth talker who is looking to take trouble players on and get them the deals they deserve.  He's all about making deals and getting his guys into the best positions to succeed and to have fun while doing it, baby.

Amber Molina is a Texas based agent who is working hard to break into the boys club that is sports agency.  She is defensive of her minority status in the business and she is also quick to let a GM fall out of favor.  Keep her happy or she might just let you have a piece of her mind..