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Free Agency Mechanics
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:06:56 AM »
There are two types of free agents in the Supreme Basketball Alliance; restricted and unrestricted.  An unrestricted free agent is able to sign with any team he so chooses.  A restricted free agent's rights are still owned by their current team, which gives that team a chance to match any contract offer the player agrees to with a different team.  For example; if Player A is a restricted free agent who played for the Charleston Crawfish, agrees to a contract with the Denver Peaks for 2 years $10mm per season, the Crawfish have the opportunity to match that contract.  If they choose to do so, Player A has to sign with the Crawfish if he wants to play for the upcoming season.

In the previously announced free agent class, restricted free agents are highlighted in orange.

All free agent offers, both restricted and unrestricted, will be made via PM.  Send your PM with the following subject line: TEAM NAME: FREE AGENT OFFERS.  When you submit your offers, you have the ability to make a pitch if you would like.  It is not required.  Some players only care about the money so they don't care what you say to them.  Others wouldn't mind hearing how you plan to use them on your team.  The choice is yours on whether you submit a pitch or not.

For restricted free agents, the team that owns the rights will be notified that their player has agreed to a contract with another team and will be given the details of the deal.  The team will have 36 hours to decide if they want to match the contract or renounce their rights to the player by not matching the contract.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.