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Off-Season Lock-in
« on: August 28, 2018, 11:35:10 AM »
Once you have completed conducting your off-season business it is time to lock in for the season.  You must include the following information in you lock-in post.

Lineup - You need to indicate your starting lineup and your bench players in order from 6th-12/15. 

Minutes - You will need to assign each player a number of minutes to play in the game.  Your total allocation must equal 240.

Offense -- You have the option to choose the type of offense you want your team to run, or you can leave it up to your coaches.  If you decide to choose the offense, you will pick from the options below and allocate percentages to equal 100%:

Isolation Get the ball to your top scorers in the area of the court he likes to work in and try to create a shot for himself
Pick & Roll - A guard and a big man are going to run the pick and roll (or can turn into pick and pop with a big who likes to shoot threes).
Post Up Force the ball into the low post players.
Spot Up Run wing players off screens for jump shots
Motion Involving all players and emphasize ball movement
Transition Pushing the ball in changes of possession looking for players to go to spots they like to shoot from and to get quicker shots

Here is an example:

Isolation - 20%
Pick & Roll - 15%
Post Up - 0%
Spot Up - 15%
Motion - 25%
Transition - 25%

Team Captains - You need to select two team captains. 

PR - Include PR campaigns for all players that have PR in their contracts.

Training - Choose 3 players for the following training categories (a player can do more than one, but will count as two);

Shooting, Passing, Ball-handling, Rebounding, Shot block, Steal, Intelligence, Endurance
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