Author Topic: S15 -- Special Training Focus  (Read 107 times)


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S15 -- Special Training Focus
« on: September 13, 2021, 01:20:17 PM »
New addition to the sim that I am going to open up to you guys to utilize and it will be added to the lock-in template for future seasons.

You are allowed to assign one player to receive additional attention/focus from your head coach and each coordinator.  I am not sure how much it will add to the player, but it will provide extra progression especially if your coach is good and your player has a high ceiling.

All you have to do is PM me the following with the name of the player that you want the coach to spend more time on.


Head Coach - DE Dale White

Offensive Coordinator - QB Michael Worley

Defensive Coordinator - CB Raleigh Montgomery

Code: [Select]
Head Coach -

Offensive Coordinator -

Defensive Coordinator -

I will not be providing a progress report or anything, if the sim does produce extra information I will update you but most likely it does not, it just gives the additional boost to your player.

You CAN have your HC and coordinator focus on the same player, not sure how much it helps (again this is a new feature).

I am going to allow a mid-season change if you want to shift focus to another player, but this will not be a weekly change or anything, so choose wisely.